Video Security
Video Security Systems

App-Techs offers a broad array of video security solutions and we partner with major brands. We offer NVRs, wireless network systems, portable systems, and integration expertise. We specialize in Network Video Recording (NVR) / VMS (Video Management Systems) with low cost of ownership and limitless integration possibilities.

Video Analytics
Video Analytics

App-Techs designs and deploys video analytics systems that fully integrate with Milestone XProtect systems, as well as with other video security infrastructures. Real-time notifications and forensic searches allow end-users to quickly and easily identify people, vehicles, license plates and objects of interest.

Access Control
Access Control Solutions

App-Techs designs and deploys access control systems that leverage and integrate with existing networking and video security infrastructures. We try to ensure that you receive the appropriate solution for your facility by pairing the latest in Access Control technology with your security needs, technology requirements, and budget.

Industrial Wireless
Industrial Wireless Solutions

App-Techs offers a wide range of wireless solutions, including point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and wireless mesh networks. Our experience ranges from city-wide camera networks to wireless broadband solutions for corporate campuses, government facilities, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and handheld data terminals.


App-Techs specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of fiber-optic networks and subsystems that support security camera networks, access control, and automation networks. Our experience includes single- and multi-mode fiber, aerial splicing "in-bucket," "hot cut" splicing, as well as transition and termination splicing.

Information Technology
Information Technology Services

App-Techs' certified technicians provide numerous IT services, from full IT support to ad-hoc help. Services include security system installation and support, network design and implementation, wireless connectivity, secure VPN connections, server installation, business software maintenance, and computer maintenance and repair.



App-Techs Features Products

Milestone XProtect Sales and Service

Sales, Installation, & Service
App-Techs is a Milestone Diamond Partner, ensuring expert support for your XProtect video management system.

App-Techs NVR

EasyNVR® VMS Servers
Custom-manufactured VMS servers for Milestone XProtect, with high-quality, commercial-off-the-shelf components.

Video Analytics

EasyVA® Video Analytics
The latest in Artificial Intelligence detection and automated monitoring for your video network.


Access Control Integration

Integrated Access Control

Reliable, easy-to-use access control hardware and software that connects to your network, camera system, SIP phones, and other security devices.




App-Techs News
BTX Integrates Hanwha edge analytics cameras

January 4 2023

BTX integrates Hanwha Wisenet IVA Edge Analytics Cameras with XProtect

BTX shows its versatility through a seamless integration of Hanwha Wisenet IVA Edge Analytics cameras with Milestone XProtect. BTX makes the XProtect Smart Client *POP* when edge events-of-interest occur, and offers features not available with traditional "driver-based" integration methods.

App-Techs Vendor of Year Award

December 23 2022

App-Techs presents Alan Nydes with "Vendor Rep of the Year" Award

App-Techs is pleased to present Alan Nydes, of Milestone Systems, with our "Vendor Rep of the Year" award. The App-Techs staff, from the sales department to our field technicians, appreciates Alan's dedication, availability, and his knowledge of Milestone XProtect and the video security industry.

App-Techs travels to strengthen business partnership

September 15 2022

App-Techs to attend MIPS 2022 Milestone Partner Summit in Minneapolis

Several App-Techs team members will travel to Minneapolis on October 24-26 to attend the MIPS 2022 Milestone Partnership Summit. App-Techs with connect with Milestone colleagues and integrators while promoting our many XProtect software integration products.

Milestone Developer Champion News Item

September 12 2022

App-Techs Visits Milestone Global Headquarters in Denmark

App-Techs' Dan Fritsch recently traveled to Milestone Systems global headquarters in Brøndby, Denmark. He received recognition as a 2022 Milestone Developer Champion. App-Techs continues to build its relationship with Milestone in order to bring the latest in video management technology to our clients.

XProtect Smart Client Plug-in

April 20 2022

Milestone features App-Techs Spotlight Plug-in in promotional video.

The Spotlight Plug-in is featured in a video series that introduces Milestone customers to solutions that address specific security challenges. Spotlight demonstrates the ability to raise awareness-level when alarms of interest occur and ensure important alarms are not missed on account of inattention or distraction.

Plate Recognizer LPR XProtect Integration

March 15 2022

BTX integrates license plate recognition software with Milestone XProtect.

Bridge to XProtect (BTX) once again demonstrates its versatility by integrating two additional license plate recognition (LPR) video analytics software with Milestone XProtect. Recent LPR integrations include Plate Recognizer Stream and Hanwha Road AI, adding to a list that includes Ironyun Vaidio.

Bosch B9512G XProtect Integration

September 21 2021

Bosch B9512G panel integration with Milestone XProtect

Bridge to XProtect (BTX) now monitors the point & area status on a Bosch B9512-G control panel and relays alarms into Milestone XProtect. Associate panel alarms with any number of Milestone cameras/devices, view panel alarms in real-time in the XProtect Smart Client, or review previous alarms with BTX-generated video bookmarks .

Milestone XProtect Software Development

July 7 2021

Dan Fritsch Named 2021 Milestone Developer Champion

App-Techs' Dan Fritsch receives recognition for his contributions to the Milestone developer community. He is among five professionals world-wide named as Milestone Developer Champions. Recipients are technology professionals who go the extra mile to share development knowledge and encourage the innovative use of the Milestone SDK, API, and associated products.

Milestone Gunshot Detection Integration

June 14 2021

Integrate gunshot detection with Milestone XProtect

App-Techs has partnered with Active Guardian to integrate the Sentinel™ gun shot detection sensor with Milestone XProtect. Utilizing BTX, Sentinel™ gun shot alarms can be viewed in real-time with cameras on your Milestone camera network. App-Techs also provides audio and visual alerts via specialized Smart Client plug-ins that are particularly advantageous in active shooter situations.

Milestone Audio Announcements

March 31 2021

Add user-defined AUDIO alerts from XProtect Smart Client with Spotlight™

Stay alert and let the Spotlight™ Plug-in with Audio announce important XProtect events and alarms from your workstation. Spotlight now has the option to add user-defined, text-driven AUDIO announcements that can be paired with any XProtect event or alarm. This feature adds to Spotlight's color-coded bounding box capabilities, providing AUDIO and VISUAL alarm cues.

QTI XProtect Integration Qual-Tron

January 14 2021

App-Techs integrates Qual-Tron wireless perimeter sensors with Milestone XProtect

Qual-Tron, Inc. (QTI) has partnered with App-Techs to bring Milestone XProtect compatibility to its wireless ground-based perimeter detection sensors. QTI sensors are used by military, commercial and conservation organizations to monitor vehicle and foot traffic, detect perimeter breaches and trespassing, and protect natural resources from poachers and intruders.

No Mask Video Analytics

September 9 2020

EasyVA® Video Analytics offers 'No Mask' detection

The software can detect non-mask wearers within a group of people, and works even if mask(s) are worn incorrectly, i.e., worn below the nose. Real-time response options including audio announcements and/or email notifications to take action and protect the health and safety of employees, students, and visitors.

Thermal Temperature Scanner

July 21 2020

App-Techs releases the
Fever Sentry™ line of thermal temperature scanning stations

Fever Sentry™ utilizes thermal radiometry to quickly and accurately identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. These portable, touch-free systems can be positioned at entances to instantly measure the temperatures of students, employees, patients, and visitors. Fever Sentry™ is an automated, high-volume, and contactless alternative to the use of hand-held thermometers.

Touch Free Card Reader

June 9 2020

App-Techs designs a touch-free card reader for coronavirus testing centers

App-Techs recently designed a touch-free card reader for a local coronavirus testing center. It uses an innovative vacuum-box system that uses suction to keep ID & insurance cards in place while the operator can record patient information remotely via a live camera stream. The reader ensures safe social distancing and no direct surface contamination.

Remote Patient Monitoring

April 7 2020

App-Techs assembles and ships Coronavirus remote patient monitoring systems

App-Techs announces it will serve as the assembly plant for the "Coronavirus Remote Patient Monitoring System" by Knowfalls Fall Prevention Solutions. This system allows healthcare staff to conduct virtual patient rounds via remote cameras, support patient care, reduce virus exposure risk, and conserve masks, gloves and gowns.

Milestone Diamond Partner

February 24 2020

App-Techs named as 2020 Milestone Diamond Partner

App-Techs is proud to once again be named as a Milestone Diamond Partner for 2020, the highest partner level offered by Milestone Systems, Inc. The award is recognition for expert knowledge of Milestone products, outstanding tech support, and contributions to the Milestone user community.

App-Techs Ironyun

February 4 2020

App-Techs & Ironyun co-demo video analytics integration at MIPS 2020

App-Techs is teaming with Ironyun to demo the latest in video analytics technology and analytics integration at the 2020 Milestone Integration Platform Symposium. Stop by and visit us at booth #505 in Dallas from Feb 17-19.

Tech Talk IU-13

February 1 2020

UPDATE: Tech-Talk 2020 is postponed due to COVID-19. App-Techs is looking forward to 2021 to present on video camera security systems, video analytics & access control

App-Techs was slated to lead three knowledge sessions at the upcoming Tech Talk Live 2020 Conference, hosted by IU-13. Our staff is eager to participate in 2021 and showcase our security system integration knowledge.

App-Techs Arcules

January 9 2020

App-Techs offers cloud-based video camera monitoring & storage with Arcules

Arcules makes it easy to implement and manage cloud-based video security. An Arcules VMS offers the advantages of easy setup, minimal equipment requirements, cloud data storage, and access to your data and camera feeds from any desktop or mobile device.

App-Techs Openpath

November 21 2019

App-Techs integrates Openpath access control systems with Milestone XProtect

Openpath, the makers of keyless access control hardware and software, enlists the expertise of App-Techs to integrate their products with Milestone XProtect Video Management System.

BTX Code Blue

October 21 2019

App-Techs forges Milestone integration partnership with Code Blue Corporation

We are very pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Code Blue to serve as their designated Milestone integration specialist. For more information about Code Blue's upgraded Milestone Integration capabilities, contact the App-Techs sales team today.

September 10 2019

EasyVA® video analytics now includes geo-mapping feature

App-Techs' AI-based analytics servers detects security concerns in real-time and pins events to specific geo-locations. Respond sooner by seeing events when and where they happen. The mapping feature can be combined with person/vehicle/object detection, face and license plate recognition, and intrusion alerts.

Vehicle crash on camera

August 28, 2019

App-Techs Cameras Capture Dramatic Car Accident

App-Tech's David Santiago was at the scene servicing a security camera system when the accident took place. David described what he saw to Fox News, and App-Techs shared the footage.

Software bringes third-party devices to XProtect

Learn more about App-Techs

App-Techs develops third-party device/software integrations for Milestone


Did you know App-Techs also develops software? We specialize in Milestone integrations for video and audio analytics products, access control & security systems, and server & network health monitoring.

BTX Milestone Integration

May 16 2019

BTX now featured on Milestone Marketplace

BTX just received additional recognition as a proven third-party video management application within the Milestone community. The Milestone Marketplace certifies performance and compatibility with XProtect video management software. BTX is now available to customers worldwide.

TechTalk Live Conference

May 18 2019

App-Techs presents at TechTalk Live

App-Techs gave dual presentations on the latest developments in AI video analytics and access control technology at the 2019 TechTalk Live Conference, hosted by IU13. The event is one of the largest gatherings of school IT professionals in PA.

law enforcement cameras

Learn More about App-Techs

Covert Sentry® Surveillance Cameras

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, homeland security and others who need to rapidly deploy covert pole cameras. 3G / 4G Cellular or Wi-Fi Coverage connections and low-power consumption allow for positioning in remote or concealed locations.



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App-Techs specializes in the design, installation, support and maintenance of video security systems, access control, industrial wireless, fiber-optic networks, and general IT services. The company also develops security system integrations to make security management more productive, efficient, and cost-effective.




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