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Fiber-optic Network Subsystems



Fiber-optic Network Design, Installation, Maintenance and Support


Our fiber-optic services are typically provided as part of the network infrastructure supporting video surveillance, access control, security and building automation systems.


If you are in the Mid-Atlantic region, and in need of fiber-optic infrastructure or support of an existing system, we may be able to help.


Splicing and termination services include:


    • Fusion splicing
    • Mechanical splicing
    • Aerial Splicing "In Bucket" to 35 feet
    • Transition and Termination Splicing
    • Active System "Hot Cut" Splicing


Typical applications include:


    • Interior and exterior / outside plant connections
    • Pole to pole
    • Building to pole
    • Building to building
    • Floor to floor
    • Head-end to aggregation-point
    • Aggregation-point to end-point equipment
    • Switch to switch
    • Data center to MDF / IDF locations


Management and integration services include:


    • Design assistance
    • Testing and documentation
    • Systems integration
    • Integration and expansion of existing networks
    • Tie-in with wireless networks


Types of fiber typically managed include:


    • Single-mode
    • Multi-mode
      • OM1 (typically orange jacket, 62.5/125um core and cladding, 100Mb / 100 Megabit Ethernet
      • OM2 (typically 50/125um core and cladding, 1Gb / Gigabit Ethernet)