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LucidView Video Enhancement Plugin

The LucidView plugin for the Milestone XProtect Smart Client automatically enhances images, video streams and video clips in real-time.


    • LucidView's powerful algorithm corrects for a variety of image quality issues such as contrast, shadows, low-light, glare, blur, fog and haze in real-time and without any human intervention.
    • It works in both live and playback mode, revealing previously unseen video details to identify persons, objects, and incidents quickly and confidently.


How It Works


By analyzing each frame in real-time, LucidView dynamically determines which of a dozen image enhancement functions should be applied and then intelligently sets the parameters based on a human-like assessment of the information in the frame.


When viewed in the Milestone Smart Client, LucidView can be applied with just a few clicks to any camera feed to discern additional video details, in both live mode or playback.



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Product Highlights Include:


    • Effortless, real-time video enhancement
    • Adaptive video enhancement requires no parameter adjustments by user
    • Seamlessly integrates with Milestone XProtect
    • Opens as a View in Milestone Smart Client with a simple, easy-to-use interface
    • Simply drag-and-drop to analyze images and videos within seconds
    • Works with all cameras across a range of environments
    • Accepts all major codecs
    • Improves accuracy of existing video analytics, such as face recognition, object detection, and license plate reading
    • Available as a plugin or stand-alone software for forensic analysis outside of existing systems.


Enhanced Video in Real-Time with LucidView