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Plate Recognizer Integration with Milestone XProtect


The App-Techs BTX (Bridge to XProtect) integrates Plate Recognizer Stream and ParkPow license plate recognition video analytics software with Milestone XProtect.


Plate Recognizer Stream is known for its highly-accurate, server-based license plate recognition model that detects license plates in a wide variety of environmental and lighting conditions.


ParkPow is a cloud-based parking management tool that allows you to track vehicles by license plate number, group vehicles by list, get custom alerts, and enforce your parking rules.


BTX listens for and receives license plage detection metadata from Plate Recognizer and ParkPow, including license plate number, state/region, vehicle type, make/model, color, direction of travel, and orientation. BTX parses and filters the incoming data, associates the detection with XProtect cameras and devices, and generates an XProtect event / alarm record with video bookmark.



Plate Recognizer / XProtect integration features:



  •  Transform LPR detections into XProtect alarm records with Video Bookmarks.
  •  Filter alarms by plate list, or even by individual plate.
  •  Include *.jpg detection snapshot as part of the native XProtect event / alarm record.
  •  Search metadata from within the Smart Client.
  •  Activate Smart Client matrix views.
  •  Trigger Milestone user-defined events.
  •  Automatically display detection snapshots for real-time alerts.
  •  Use Milestone Open Network Bridge to manage RTSP streams.



With BTX, Stream and ParkPow detections can be monitored directly from the XProtect Smart Client. Smart Client operators can view recognition detections as they occur, and Milestone can be configured to initiate distinct rules based on detection type, list, or individual.


A single instance of BTX can integrate any number of LPR cameras. Manage your analytics video streams entirely within your system using the XProtect Open Network Bridge. Review alarms in real-time, or search metadata to conduct investigations on previous detections.


BTX brings the utility of Plate Recognizer and ParkPow directly to the XProtect Smart Client.



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To learn more about Plate Recognizer, visit and

Plate Recognizer License Plate Recognition Software


XProtect Integration DEMO VIDEO





Plate Recognition Integration Data Flow

Plate Recognizer Milestone XProtect DataFlow Image