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Public Health and Safety Systems

Video Surveillance



Promoting Health & Safety with Technology



App-Techs applies its experience with video surveillance and analytics technologies to public health and safety issues.


We design, build, configure, deploy and support video- and analytics-based systems to assist with mitigation of public exposure to infectious pathogens.


Our systems are intended to support schools, nursing homes, municipal and commercial facilities, hospitals, sports venues and entertainment complexes, and mobile or temporary health screening / testing centers.


These solutions directly integrate with Milestone XProtect to initiate real-time actions, which include: audible announcements, alerts (sirens, strobes), notifications (on-screen-pop-ups, texts, emails), video bookmarks, PTZ preset triggers, access control commands and other ad hoc responses.


We are glad to provide a demo of any of these systems at any time. As such, feel free to contact us to schedule a demo.




Surveillance Solutions



Health Surveillance Products


Fever / High-temperature Screening

Thermal Camera

Thermal imager camera technology can be configured to screen personnel and visitors for elevated body temperature.



  • A single station can screen two lines of people quickly and accurately.
  • Touch-free thermal screening instantly reports results while maintaining social distance.
  • Identifies potential at-risk individuals for more robust secondary screening.
  • Mobile, stand-alone unit reports can be easily moved to different locations as needed.
  • Body (skin) temperatures can be effectively captured up to 3 meters (15 feet) away, allowing for non-invasive and contactless operation.



Fever Sentry™ Mass Fever Detection System

Touch-free Card Reader

Touch-free Card Reader

App-Techs designs and deploys customized camera configurations and mounts to safely share and record pertinent health information



  • Designed to read ID & insurance cards without any direct contact with staff or surfaces.
  • View and record pertinent information from a remote monitoring station, network capability available.
  • Mobile and desktop designs can be deployed in drive-ups, lobbies, reception areas, and mobile units.


App-Techs accepts requests for custom camera mounts based on your specific needs and work space configuration.



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Mask (absence / presence) and Social Distancing Detection

Mask Detection

App-Techs' EasyVA® analytics servers feature Mask (absence and presence) Detection, as well as Social Distancing violations ... among the the ever-growing list of detection capabilites.


  • With BTX, analytics detection integrates with Milestone XProtect.
  • Trigger real-time audio alerts, email & text notifications, Matrix live views, and other actions.
  • Search forensic history to evaluate mask use.
  • May be used in conjunction with other analytics features.


Learn more about EasyVA® video analytics servers.


EasyVA® Analytic Servers

Occupancy Counting

Occupancy Counting

Video analytics with EasyVA® servers can monitor and count the number of persons entering and leaving facilities, such as schools, retail spaces, government buildings, and other venues.


  • Accurately counts # of people entering and leaving, including overall occupancy.
  • New multicamera feature accurately tabulates traffic across multiple entryways and exits.
  • Automated alerts can generate alerts when occupancy limits are reached.
  • May be used in conjunction with other analytics features.


Learn more about EasyVA® video analytics servers.


EasyVA® Analytic Servers

Patient Monitoring System

Patient Monitoring

App-Techs partners with Knowfalls Fall Prevention Solutions to assemble Coronavirus Remote Patient Monitoring System.


  • Allows technicians or certified nursing assistants to conduct virtual patient rounds via remote cameras.
  • Kit is a pre-configured, plug-and-play system that includes cameras, laptop, monitor, and all necessary equipment.
  • App-Techs assembles hardware components, pre-configures the necessary software, and ships to customers directly.


For more information, visit our news release below.


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