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Metrasens Ultra - Integration with Milestone XProtect

Metrasens Ultra Advanced Detection Technology


App-Techs is pleased to partner with Metrasens ( to provide a real-time integration of the Metrasens' Ultra™ advanced detection technology into Milestone XProtect.


Metrasens Ultra accurately detects ferrous threat objects, inclusive of both weapons and data recording devices, so you can keep people, property, and sensitive information safe.


Though our BTX (Bridge to XProtect) integration engine, Metrasens Ultra becomes a part of your security ecosystem within the XProtect Smart Client.


The integration classifies events and alarms from Metrasens Ultra's five detection zones, as well as all five levels of signal strength, so that system operators can easily identify and manage events of interest.


Here are a few other highlighted features:


  • ASSOCIATE detection alarms to any number of XProtect Cameras.
  • CREATE situation-specific, site specific alarm messages for easy understanding and action.
  • TRIGGER matrix views, PTZ presets, and user-defined events
  • SEARCH detection metadata in the Smart Client.
  • MONITOR the online / offline status of Metrasens Ultra for added safety.



Metrasens Ultra™ is rapidly deployable, non-invasive, and easy to use and operate. Key verticals include:


  • Healthcare: Prevent weapons-related incidents in hospital entryways.
  • Corrections & Policing: Identify cell phones and other contraband.
  • Corporate: Keep weapons out and confidential data in.
  • Education: Non-intrusive weapons detection at school events.
  • Hospitality & Entertainment: Prevent and protect restricted areas.
  • Goverment: Keep government staff and data safe and secure


A single instance (license) of BTX integrates any number of Metrasens Ultra's. Configuration of alarms with BTX is quick and easy. The integration also requires no management / event server plug-ins and little to no settings changes in the XProtect Management Client.


BTX brings the added safety of Metrasens Ultra to your XProtect system.



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" BTX Metrasens Metrasens Ultra Integration




Metrasens Integration DEMO VIDEO



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Metrasens Ultra Integration Data Flow

Metrasens Metal Detector Data Flow