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Metrasens Ferromagnetic Detector Integration with Milestone XProtect


The App-Techs BTX (Bridge to XProtect) integrates Metrasens ferromagnetic detection devices with Milestone XProtect.


Metrasens combines state-of-the-art ferromagnetic sensor technology, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning to enhance screening effectiveness, efficiency, and actionable intelligence.


When a Metrasens detection occurs, BTX processes and filters the detection metadata in real-time, associates the detection with XProtect cameras / devices, and generates an XProtect event / alarm record with video bookmark.


With BTX, view Metrasens detection alarms directly from the XProtect Smart Client and optionally trigger a range of responses in XProtect, including notifications, user-defined events, rules, I/O commands, PTZ presets, announcements, and Smart Wall view changes.



Metrasens / XProtect integration features:



  •  Transform Metrasens detections into XProtect alarm records with Video Bookmarks.
  •  Activate Smart Client matrix views, PTZ presets, and user-defined events.
  •  Search detection metadata from within the Smart Client.
  •  Monitor the online / offline status of Metrasens devices.



A single instance of BTX can integrate any number of Metrasens devices. BTX can optionally be configured to send events or alarms to XProtect when a device is detected as offline. BTX will automatically re-establish a connection when a device network connection is restored.


BTX brings the security of Metrasens directly to your XProtect system.



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Metrasens Integration Data Flow

Metrasens Metal Detector Data Flow