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AMAG Symmetry Event Integration with XProtect


View AMAG Symmetry Events in XProtect


App-Techs' Bridge-to-XProtect (BTX) receives receives access control events from AMAG Symmetry and transforms them into XProtect alarm records with Video Bookmarks.


When an access control event occurs (Access Granted, Unknown Monitor Point In Alarm,Monitor Point Tamper Alarm, Reader Tamper, Door Forced, Door Held Open, At Wrong Time, At Wrong Door, etc), BTX associates the alarm with XProtect cameras and triggers a range of actions in XProtect.


View AMAG access control events as they happen, trigger Smart Wall commands, send notifications to security personnel, review previous access control events in the XProtect Smart Client, and trigger PTZ commands on your XProtect devices.


  • GENERATE XProtect alarm and / or event records with video bookmarks.
  • ACTIVATE user-defined events to trigger XProtect "rules."
  • TRIGGER PTZ presets and live matrix views, no rules required.
  • RENAME alarms with information easily understood by security operators.
  • ASSOCIATE multiple XProtect cameras to a single access control event.
  • SEARCH bookmarks in the XProtect Smart Client for immediate review
  • GROUP two or more device events into single master alarm (BTX Double-KNOCK)



When combined with App-Techs Spotlight™ plug-in for the XProtect Smart Client, your smart client can audibly TELL you when an AMAG event-of-interest occurs and SHOW you what camera(s) to monitor.


Note: This integration facilitates "one-way" communication from AMAG Symmetry to XProtect. It does currently support "two-way" communication, i.e. send access control commands from XProtect to Symmetry.



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AMAG Access Control Integration with XProtect








AMAG Integration Dataflow


BTX uses a micro-service application to connect with AMAG Symmetry. The micro-service detects new AMAG access control events and forwards the transposed data to the core BTX service.


In BTX, indicate which event types will be forwarded to XProtect. Next, choose which XProtect Camera(s) will become the "source" of the AMAG event. Finally, choose actions should occur in XProtect from the table.

Press "Save", and watch XProtect and the Smart Client dynamically respond to AMAG events based on your preferred settings.


A single instance of BTX integrates any number of Axis devices. Plus, BTX integrate with 25+ other third-party systems to expand your Milestone security ecosystem.



AMAG Integration Data Flow

AMAG Integration Dataflow Diagram