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Maintain Your Video Surveillance System with Ease


DMap (Device Map) is a cloud-based application, hosted by App-Techs, which is designed to simplify the maintenance of your video surveillance system, document system details, and reduce system maintenance costs. DMap's intuitive Google-Map-based interface lets you load and view details about all the devices in your Video Surveillance and/or Access Control system, as well as other networked equipment.


Field technicians can use the web browser on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to get a bird's-eye view of system devices, along with various physical and wireless connection paths. They can zoom in and select any device icon to access installation notes, pictures, network parameters and even floor plans. Not only technicians, but also project managers, dispatchers and system owners all benefit from DMap, and so does the bottom line



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DMap Features


  • Accessible via mobile device or PC web browsers
  • Multi-user, secure logon
  • View wireless and all physical connection paths to each device
  • Separate device maps by site/installation
  • Map or satellite views with drag-and-drop device icons
  • Locate device by name (bouncing icon), or view devices by floors or levels (even underground).
  • Upload a floor plan or blueprint, and position device icons on it
  • Easy zoom-and-click to quickly locate devices, installation pictures, and other details
  • URL link to directly access device interface
  • Excellent system documentation