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About App-Techs

Applying Technology Solutions since 2003


App-Techs Corporation sells, installs, supports, and maintains video security systems, access control networks, and security network infrastructure. We also specialize in security system integrations, which gives clients the ability to combine the inputs and outputs from multiple security systems into a unified user interface.


App-Techs is a one-stop shop for end-to-end security solutions that meet clients' needs and budget.


App-Techs manufactures the EasyNVR® and EasyVA® lines of video recording and analytics servers, combining the power and flexibility of Milestone XProtect with high-quality hardware, built specifically for the security needs of each customer.



  • App-Techs specializes in the development of security-related software and Milestone integrations such as video and audio analytics, access control and security systems, and server and network health monitoring.


  • With both hardware and software expertise, App-Techs creates and develops novel security solutions when none exist in the marketplace.


  • App-Techs maintains strong relationships with security vendors around the world. As a Milestone Systems "Premier" Partner, as well as a Panasonic "Diamond" Partner, we leverage these relationships to provide customers with low prices and the latest advancements in security technology.


  • Technicians at App-Techs are Milestone-certified and maintain numerous techical certifications and government contractor approvals. In 2021, Dan Fritsch received recognition from Milestone Systems as a "Milestone Developer Champion".


  • App-Techs is an authorized vendor with various state and federal agencies, including GSA (and SAM), PEPPM, COSTARS, and PA eMartketplace (ITQ).


  • Our customers include local, state and federal governments, schools, colleges, manufacturing facilities, corporate campuses, civic and entertainment venues, non-profits, retail, and residential.


  • App-Techs is committed to implementing solutions that align with client objectives and deliver good business value. We continuously leverage our computer, networking, wireless, software and product knowledge to deliver superior results that meet clients' needs and budgets.


    Business Methodology


    App-Techs personnel make it a priority to know the products we sell and support. We follow a proven methodology to insure our solutions are aligned with client objectives and deliver good business value.


    App-Techs was founded on the principle of " Applying Technology Solutions" through a customer-centric approach.


    1. Evaluate client needs and priorities.
    2. Identify cost drivers.
    3. Identify appropriate and alternative solutions.
    4. Ensure return on investment.
    5. Ensure understanding through product demonstrations.
    6. Manage the project to ensure timely and accurate Implementation.
    7. Document hardware, software and installation details.
    8. Provide necessary technical training and on-going support.


    Value Added Services


    App-Techs organization is backed-up with a world-class ERP system — typically found only in large organizations. This system effectively manages our business operations with minimum administrative overhead. This in turn enables us to lower our operating costs and provide our clients with the following benefits.


    1. Fast and affordable service and products.
    2. Single or multiple invoices for multiple locations.
    3. Accurate invoicing.
    4. Warranty management services.
    5. Asset Management services (through comprehensive computerized records of client physical and IT assets).
    6. On-Line project management portal.
    7. On-line Service tickets.
    8. On-line Payments.