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Industrial Wireless Networking

Industrial Wireless


Extend Networks between Buildings, to Parking Lot Poles, Campus Entrances, and City-wide Intersections


App-Techs personnel have years of experience performing design, installation and maintenance of complex wireless networks, backhauls, bridges and other wireless infrastructure subsystems.


Typical infrastructure subsystems supported by App-Techs:


    • Mesh networks and subnets
    • Point-to-point (a.k.a. P2P and P-to-P) bridges and backhauls
    • Point-to-multipoint (a.k.a. P2MP, PTMP, or PMP) bridges and backhauls


Typical wireless applications supported by App-Techs:


    • Video surveillance systems
    • Access control systems
    • Security systems
    • Building automation systems
    • HVAC systems
    • Telephone systems


Wireless network environments typically installed and maintained by App-Techs:


    • Building to building (bridge business, security or HVAC network(s) between buildings)
    • Building to parking lot pole (extend a network to a surveillance camera or sensor on a pole)
    • Building to parking lot entrance / gate (extend network to Access Control card reader and/or intercom)
    • Building to intersection (extend surveillance network to city-wide surveillance cameras )
    • Intersection to intersection (extend city-wide surveillance network from block to block)


Wireless network services typically provided by App-Techs:


    • Wireless mesh network design and installation
    • Point-to-point wireless network design and installation
    • Spectrum analysis using state-of-the-art RF spectrum analyzers and other RF tools
    • Integration and expansion of existing networks
    • Tie-in with fiber optic network drops