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EasyVA® Analytics Servers

EasyVA® servers bring the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and "Deep Learning" to your camera network.


  • Highly accurate, easy-to-use, and VMS compatible
  • Built with non-propietary, commercial-off-the-shelf ("COTS") components
  • A single server adds multible analytics cabilities to your camera network
  • Game-changing video archive search & automated video monitoring
  • Enhances utility of your existing cameras; no proprietary devices required
  • Saves on monitoring costs, boosts staff responsiveness
  • Fully integrates with Milestone XProtect VMS software


For Milestone customers, App-Techs' own BTX (Bridge to Milestone XProtect) provides comprehensive analytics integration with XProtect.


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EasyVA® Analytics Software: Powerful, Accurate, and Versatile


  • Real-time detection of people, faces, vehicles, license plates, objects, trends, and events
  • Video Archive Search reviews your entire video history within seconds for events, people, objects, faces, vehicles of interest.
  • Identify security events and alerts in real-time without the need for staff monitoring
  • Trigger notifications across your many assets, including text and email notifications, access control & PTZ commands, third-party audio devices & strobes, and Milestone XProtect on-screen views.



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EasyVA® Servers: Custom-Built and Scalable


The EasyVA® line of servers is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to corporations, hospitals, schools, municipalities, and government agencies.


All App-Techs servers and workstations are built with non-proprietary, enterprise-grade, commercial-off-the-shelf ("COTS") components. This approach yields high operating value, low maintenance costs, long life-span ... and eliminates dependence on any given third-party vendor..


Purchase a "Mini" server to add analytics capabilities to a select number or cameras, or deploy the "Flex" or "Enterprise" to bring video analytics to your entire camera network.


EasyVA® servers are the most cost-effective & versatile analytics servers on the market.


App-Techs' design and sales teams will make sure the analytics perform optimally, from the initial setup through implementation.


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EasyVA® Analytics Features Include:

Face Recognition

Product Demo

License Plate Recognition

Product Demo

Person/Vehicle Detection

Product Demo

No Mask Detection

Product Demo

Video Search

Product Demo

Intrusion Detection

Product Demo

Object Detection

Product Demo

Wrong Direction

Product Demo

People/Vehicle Counting

Product Demo

Fall & Crouch Detection

Product Demo

Illegal Parking

Product Demo

Weapons Detection

Product Demo

Alert Geo-Mapping

Product Demo


Integrate EasyVA® with your NVR


App-Techs' own in-house software development team wrote the integration software for EasyVA® analytics, so you can expect expert integration know-how with Milestone XProtect and your other third-party devices and software.


With App-Techs' BTX (Bridge to Milestone XProtect), EasyVA AI analytics events and alerts can be received and mapped to cameras, third-party devices, and the Milestone XProtect VMS.


Easy VA servers and its AI detection software works also with non-Milestone systems and RTSP cameras.


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EasyVA® Integration Flow Chart

Video Analytics in Action