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Axis Device Event Integration with XProtect


Axis Device Event Integration Made Easy


Transform ANY Axis device event into a Milestone XProtect event / alarm record with BTX.


Milestone Management Client plug-ins ... not required; driver events ... not required; alarm definitions ... not required. Time syncing ... not required.


Axis + BTX = Less hassle ... more control ... instant results.



How it works


BTX listens for event data directly from the Axis devices, and provides a simple method to map devices events with XProtect cameras and devices.


BTX is 100% compatible with AXIS cameras, ACAP analytics packages, Axis encoders / decoders, Axis intercoms, etc.. BTX can map Axis device events that are NOT visible in the XProtect event list, or from devices that do not have a XProtect license.


With BTX, any Axis device can easily be configured to:



  • GENERATE XProtect alarm and event records with video bookmarks for ANY Axis device.
  • RENAME alarms with information your security operators can easily understand.
  • FILTER redundant, repetitive, or over-active alarms.
  • SUBSTITUTE device time with system time (NOW!) for events accurately synced with video playback.
  • ACTIVATE user-defined events to launch XProtect "rules."
  • TRIGGER PTZ presets and live matrix views, no rules required.
  • ASSOCIATE any XProtect camera / device to an Axis device event (not just the device of origin).
  • GROUP two or more device events into single master alarm (BTX Double-KNOCK)
  • UNIFY alarms sent by different manufacturers into a single, easy-to-understand name convention



With BTX, communicate clear, actionable event and alarm information. When a perimeter intrusion occurs, do your security operators know what this is: "tnsaxis:CameraApplication....?" With BTX, tell security responders what is happening and why it is important: "Possible Intruder - Northwest Parking Lot, Park St Entrance, Camera #44."


When combined with App-Techs Spotlight™ plug-in for the XProtect Smart Client, your smart client can audibly TELL you when an AXIS alarm occurs and SHOW you where it is occurred on your display.


Raise your situational awareness and reduce system admin overhead. BTX makes Axis events simple, understandable, and actionable.




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Axis Integration with XProtect




Axis Event Integration DEMO VIDEO




Axis Integration Dataflow


Log into the Axis device, go to "Events" and choose the event-of-interest from the lengthy list of options available. You can easily configure the device to send a message to BTX.


In BTX, choose which XProtect Camera(s) will become the "source" of the axis event. Next, choose from the table which actions should occur in XProtect:



  •  FILTER reductant alarms within a time window?
  •  SCHEDULE alarms based on hour/day/etc?
  •  PTZ preset? (on any camera, not just the device on which the event occurred.)
  •  GENERATE an XProtect alarm record, event record, or both?
  •  ACTIVATE any of your XProtect user-defined events?
  •  DISPLAY live matrix profiles?
  •  ASSOCIATE additional cameras for better visual confirmation?
  •  INDICATE events on App-Techs' Situational Awareness Dashboard?
  •  GROUP multiples alarms with conditional logic?


Press "Save", and watch XProtect and the Smart Client dynamically respond to Axis events based on your preferred settings.


A single instance of BTX integrates any number of Axis devices. Plus, BTX integrate with 25+ other third-party systems to expand your Milestone security ecosystem.



Axis Event Integration Data Flow

Axis Integration Dataflow Diagram