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Cloud and On-Premise Managed Services

Add flexibility and data redundancy based on your preferences and budget


App-Techs offers cloud-hosting and "software-as-a-service" (Saas) options. App-Techs' data center is equipped to host a number of services, including system back-ups, SIP phone and intercom systems, video data storage, video analytics processing, cloud-based access control, and remote-hosted system health monitoring.



Cat 1

Own/manage/maintain your own hardware & software. Offers long-term "DIY" cost savings, instant system / hardware access to address issues, no bandwidth constraints or internet dependency, and you own your data.





App-Techs On-Premises Products



Milestone XProtect Sales & Service

EasyNVR® VMS Servers


Custom-manufactured VMS servers for Milestone XProtect, with high-quality, commercial-off-the-shelf components.



EasyVA Analytics Servers

EasyVA® Analytics Servers


Analytics servers that add automated monitoring across your video network.



EasyVA Analytics Servers

Milestone XProtect® VMS Software


Video management software that is powerful, easy to manage, reliable.



Telephones, Intercoms, and Public Address

Telephone and Intercom


Telecommunications hardware and software to keep your organization connected, informed, and safe.



Cat 2

Reduced hardware / IT staffing requirements. Reduced capital expenditures replaced by fixed monthly operational expenses. Protection from catastrophic failure. Access your system anywhere, and purchase additional capacity as needed.



App-Techs Cloud Products



OpenPath Access Control

OpenPath Access Control


End-to-end access control with access granted via mobile, touch, watch, fob, and key card. Fully cloud-based, and mobile-ready.



Telephones, Intercoms, and Public Address

Telephone and Intercom


App-Techs cloud-hosts and professionally manages telephone, intercom, and public address systems for a low monthly fee.



Covert Sentry Surveillance Cameras

Covert Sentry


Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, homeland security and others who need to rapidly deploy covert pole cameras.



EasyVA Cloud-Hosted Analytics

EasyVA Cloud-Hosted Analytics


App-Techs can receive your camera stream and send back video analytics results. No on-prem hardware required.



Milestone Kite Cloud VMS

Milestone Kite


Simple, secure, and scalable VMS cloud solution for small to medium-sized businesses.



Cat 3

Adds redundancy, reliability & flexibility. Data is stored locally, but back-up protected from catastrophic failure. Balance capital & operational expenditures. Preserve local connectivity during internet outages. Maximum administrative control & data security.



App-Techs Hybrid Products


HUM - Health Utility Monitor

HUM® Health Utility Monitor


Diagnostic and notification tools to maximize XProtect up-time and ensure timely, low-cost, proactive maintenance.