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Fever Sentry™

Mass Fever (Elevated Skin Temperature) Screening System




The Fever Sentry™ is a contactless temperature measurement system to measure [elevated] skin temperatures to detect the possibility of fever, to protect the health and safety of students, staff, patients and visitors.


"Thermal radiometry" ("TR") sensors are utilized to quickly and accurately identify individuals with elevated body temperatures.


The system consistently provides temperature readings with an accuracy within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Body (skin) temperatures can accurately be captured up to 3 meters (~10 feet) away, allowing for non-invasive and contactless operation.


An audible alarm is announced and a screen displays an alarm condition when an elevated skin temperature is detected.


The system can be operated with an attendant, as an unattended kiosk, or as a remotely-monitored station via network.


Serves as part of a facility- or company-wide virus mitigation and prevention strategy.


The Fever Sentry™ is an automated alternative to using hand-held thermometers, which can be time-consuming, staffing-intensive and require person-to-person proximity.




The Fever Sentry™ is designed for schools, nursing homes, municipal buildings, hospitals, stadiums, arenas, train and bus stations, airports, movie theaters and other venues that admit a significant number of employees, visitors and/or patrons.


Rapid Deployment


The Fever Sentry™ is completely pre-configured to accommodate plug-and-play deployment.


Portable, mobile and easy-to-operate, the Fever Sentry™ can be positioned and operational in just a few minutes.


The thermal imagers, optical cameras, display monitor, and accompanying hardware are all mounted on a mobile pedestal (cart / tripod) that can be easily moved from location to location.


The system's metallic and chrome-plated surfaces are easily wiped-down and cleaned / sterilized.


Multiple Lanes


The two-camera model can enforce social distancing protocols by simultaneously screening two independent or otherwise opposing lines of visitors.


Portable and Adjustable


- Counterbalanced locking-wheel tripod provides portability and stability.
- Thermal imagers and cameras are equickly and easily aimed toward measurement zones and eares of interest.
- Sensors and cameras are easily positioned to simultaneously accommodate tall people, small children and people in wheel chairs for ADA-compliance.




- Thermal imagers measure temperatures within 0.5° Fahrenheit.
- Thermal imagers are positioned to measure peak surface body temperature.
  (Typically detected at tear ducts by eyes, or on forehead.)


Fast Processing


- Contactless, social-distanced method of measuring temperature is completely hands-free.
- Requires no contact, or even proximity, with equipment or visitors.
- Visitors just look toward system and keep moving. *** No need to stop. ***
- Instant temperature readings keep foot traffic moving, reducing wait-times and crowding.




- Completely self-contained; requires only a single power outlet to deploy.
- Dual surveillance cameras monitor approaching visitors and nearby activity.
- Video monitors clearly display visitor temperature readings in real-time, as well as instructions / procedures.
- Integrated browser-based interface enables operator to easily adjust for changing conditions and "parasitic drag".
  (Typically caused by moving air or thermal radiation reflected off background surfaces.)


Compatible with VMS and Access Control


- Network-ready and can be fully integrated with the Milestone XProtect VMS.
- Integrated network switch and external port provide for remote monitoring.
- Contains integrated relay for optional tie-in with access control system.
- Dual surveillance cameras monitor approaching visitors being measured, as well as nearby activity.
- Thermal imagers and integrated video cameras can be integrated with any standard VMS or access control system.
- Alerts can be sent to the App-Techs "BTX" (Bridge to XProtect).
  (Provides maximum integration and notification capabilities with Milestone XProtect.)


Integrated Alerts


- Audible and visual alerts are triggered when temperatures exceeding the industry-standard of 100.4° F are detected.
- Speakers and LED lights provide instant notification of temperature breaches.


Availability and Delivery


Systems are fully assembled, configured and directly shipped from App-Techs.


Shiping the system as a complete assembled package is preferred. This will minimze confusion and deployment time on-site.


Due to its overall size, shipping costs are on the high side. Likewise, the system may experience rough handling during shipping. As such, Local Pickup is encouraged.




Configurations are available for processing 1 or 2 independent lanes of visitors.


Single-lane system (FS-01) includes:
- Base system (mobile cart, adjustable mounts, monitors, power distribution, network interface, etc.)
- (1) Thermal Radiometric imager
- (1) Video camera


Two-lane system (FS-02) includes:
- Base system (mobile cart, adjustable mounts, monitors, power distribution, network interface, etc.)
- (2) Thermal Radiometric imagers
- (2) Video cameras



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