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Hanwha Wisenet IVA Edge Analytics


App-Techs offers comprehensive installation, sales and service of Hanwha Wisenet security cameras.


In addition, App-Techs' BTX (Bridge to XProtect) software integrates Hanwha Wisenet IVA Edge Analytics Cameras with Milestone XProtect.


App-Techs specializes in rapidly deploying a wide variety of video analytics, from server-based analytics to edge analytics cameras. Hanwha Wisenet IVA-capable cameras are the preferred choice for reliable edge analytics to meet specific security needs on a modest budget.


Hanwha Wisenet's video analytics capabilities include:



  • Object Detection: Person, Vehicle, Face
  • RoadAI License Plate Detection
  • Line Crossing / Wrong Way
  • Area Intrusion
  • Loitering
  • Occupancy
  • Enter / Exit
  • Object Left / Removed
  • Audio Analytics - Gunshot, Glassbreak, Agression
  • And more...


When combined with BTX, Hanwha edge detections trigger immediate security action in Milestone XProtect to deliver true situational awareness.


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Hanwha Wisenet Video Analytics




XProtect Integration DEMO VIDEO




Integrate Hanwha Wisnet Edge Analytics with BTX


BTX makes the XProtect Smart Client *POP* when IVA edge events-of-interest occur. It provides features not available with traditional "driver-based" integration methods.


  • With BTX, create situation-specific alarm messages.
  • Fire live matrix views, user-defined events, and PTZ presets, no XProtect rules required.
  •  Filter redundant alarms to reduce alarm fatigue.
  •  Map analytics alarms to ANY camera, not just a given detection device.
  •  Create group and master alarms with BTX's "Double-Knock" feature.



Configuration of alarms with BTX is quick and easy. Little or no changes are required in the XProtect Management Client.


A single instance (license) of BTX integrates any number of Hanwha edge analytics devices.


To try this integration for yourself, contact App-Techs for a free-of-charge, trial copy of BTX.




Hanwha IVA / XProtect Integration Data Flow

Hanwha Wisenet Edge Analytics Intergration



To learn more about Hanwha Wisenet IVA Edge Analytics Cameras, visit