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Bosch Control Panel Integration with Milestone XProtect


The App-Techs BTX (Bridge to XProtect) integrates Bosch B9512 Control Panels with Milestone XProtect.


BTX monitors the point and area status on the Bosch B9152G control panel and relays alarms into Milestone XProtect.


The integration is compatible with Ethernet-capable panels that use the "Bosch Mode 2" protocol.


When an input or area state changes, BTX receives, filters and classifies the alarm, associates the alarm with user-designated XProtect cameras and/or devices, and generates an XProtect alarm record with video bookmarks.


Bosch Control Panel - Milestone XProtect integration features:


  • Monitor point and/or area state in real-time
  • Associate incoming alarms with XProtect cameras and devices.
  • Generate XProtect alarms with video bookmarks.
  • Activate PTZ presets associated with individual points and/or areas.
  • Fire Smart Client "matrix" views.
  • Trigger Milestone user-defined events and rules.
  • Customize alarm messages for easy understandability.
  • Report Bypass/Unbypass point status changes to XProtect, suppress bypassed points.
  • Monitor panel network connectivity, auto-reconnect when connection restored.
  • Network status offline/online alarms to Milestone XProtect.



Integrate multiple control panels, along with associated points and areas, within a single instance of BTX.



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How It Works


BTX works by authenticating to the B9512G control panel via the Bosch "Mode 2 Integration Protocol", and subscribing to the point and area status outputs.


When a change-of-state occurs, BTX receives the alarm, identifies the area/point of origin, and classifies the alarm based on user-defined preferences.


The alarm is then associated with user-designated XProtect cameras/devices, and an XProtect alarm record with a video bookmark is generated.


BTX simultaneously activates matrix views, user-defined events, and PTZ presets without the need to create device-specific XProtect rules.


Result: In real-time, a Bosch panel alarm springs your Milestone XProtect VMS into action.



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