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Integrate Vaidio Video Analytics with Milestone XProtect


App-Techs offers comprehensive sales and service of Vaidio analytics software, including "built-to-spec" EasyVA video analytics servers, Vaidio software sales and support, video security network design and implementation, and video analytics cloud-hosting options.


In addition, App-Techs' BTX (Bridge to XProtect) software integrates IronYun Vaidio AI-enabled video analytics with Milestone XProtect.


With Vaidio, XProtect customers can rapidly deploy a wide variety of video analytics options on any camera. Vaidio is unmatched among other video analytics solutions for its accuracy, versatility, and intuitive user-interface. It combines 30+ video analytics options into a single platform that integrate seamlessly with Milestone XProtect.


Vaidio's video analytics detection capabilities include:



  • Abnormality Detection
  • Face Search & Recognition
  • Heatmap Generation
  • ID Verification
  • Intrusion Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Object Left Behind Detection


  • People/Vehicle Counting
  • Smoke & Fire Detection
  • Social Health Analytics™
  • Vehicle Make & Model
  • Video Search
  • Weapon Detection
  • Parking Management


When combined with Vaidio, BTX transforms analytics detections into security action in Milestone XProtect to deliver true situational awareness.



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Iron Yun Vaidio Video Analytics

The industry's broadest array
of AI enabled video analytics.




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Vaidio / XProtect integration features:


BTX listens for and receives Vaidio detection metadata, parses and filters the incoming data, associates the detection with XProtect cameras / devices, and generates an XProtect event / alarm record with video bookmarks.



  •  Transform Vaidio alerts into XProtect alarm records with Video Bookmarks.
  •  Associate Vaidio alerts to any number of XProtect cameras and devices.
  •  Filter alarms by type, list, and person/plate ID.
  •  Include *.jpg detection snapshot as part of the native XProtect event / alarm record.
  •  Activate Smart Client matrix views.
  •  Trigger Milestone user-defined events.
  •  Automatically display detection snapshots for real-time alerts.
  •  Use Milestone Open Network Bridge to manage analytics RTSP streams.



With BTX, Stream detections can be monitored directly from the XProtect Smart Client. Smart Client operators can view recognition detections as they occur, and Milestone can be configured to initiate distinct rules based on detection type, group, or individual subject.


A single instance of BTX can integrate any number of vaidio camera streams. Tap into XProtect camera streams directly using the XProtect Open Network Bridge. Review alarms in real-time, or search metadata to conduct investigations on previous detections.



Vaidio / XProtect Integration Data Flow

IronYun Vaidio Video Analytics



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