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Milestone XProtect Integrations

These are integrations developed by App-Techs for the Milestone XProtect VMS (video management system).


Integration Middleware

Milestone BTX

BTX® Bridge to XProtect
Powerful Middleware To Fully Integrate Your Many Devices


App-Techs BTX Software filters and classifies inputs from a wide variety of third-party devices and transforms the data into useful information within the Milestone XProtect video management system. With its flexibility to work with a wide variety of devices, BTX is a hub for coordinated security action.


Smart Client Plug-ins

Milestone BTX

Latest Alarm Plug-in
Hands-free, recurring video playback with auto-image display


Persistently plays a short video loop from the most recent XProtect alarm, showing the video and/or .jpg image associated with the alarm as the alarm occurred. An excellent addition to Smart Walls and Smart Client "heads-up" displays or where visual cues are used to indicate incoming alarms.


Milestone BTX

Spotlight Plug-in
Audio announcements and visual alarm identifiers


Triggers color-coded frames around live camera cells and user-defined, alarm-specific AUDIO announcements in the XProtect Smart Client. Color frames and audio alerts are triggered in real-time by either exact or partial keyword matches for any incoming XProtect event and/or alarm message.


Third-party Integrations



Video Analytics


Milestone BTX AINVR Vaidio

Ironyun Vaidio (formerly AINVR)
Video Analytics with Artificial Intelligence


Transforms AI-generated alerts into XProtect events, alarms, matrix views, and PTZ presets. App-Techs BTX software can also trigger 3rd-party device responses to AI-generated alarms, such as audio announcements, access control commands, mobile/text notifications, etc.


Milestone BTX Oosto Face Recognition

Oosto - OnWatch
AI-driven Video Analytics


Receives video analytics facial recognition alarms and transforms them into XProtect alarms, matrix views, and user-defined events. App-Techs' BTX software can also receive and display snapshot images, which allows operators to view subject matches directly in the Smart Client.


Milestone Mango BTX

Mango Intelligent Video Solutions
Video Content Analytics


Advanced video analytics detects a wide variety of scene changes including line crossing, lighting and environmental conditions, advanced scene learning, object classification, rule dependency and object tracking, etc. Paired with BTX, a wide variety of analytic events can trigger Smart Client loops, snapshots, and third-party device responses.


Milestone Intellivision BTX

Video Analytics


Integration of video analytics with Milestone XProtect for detection of Loitering, Intrusion, Crowd Detection, Queue Detection, and more. Users can search for video associated events and be directed to the camera associated with the designated event.


Milestone Lucidview BTX

Intelligent Video Analytics


LucidView intelligently sets image enhancement parameters to correct for a variety of image quality issues. With App-Techs' Milestone integration, LucidView can be applied with just a few clicks to any camera feed to discern additional video details in both live mode or playback.






Milestone Bosch BTX

Control Panels


Monitor the point and area status on the Bosch B9152G control panel and relays alarms into Milestone XProtect. The integration is compatible with Ethernet-capable panels that use the "Bosch Mode 2" protocol.


Milestone Code Blue BTX

Code Blue Security Kiosks
Emergency Signaling


Enhances the safety profile of Code Blue security kiosks by connecting incoming Code Blue alarms with XProtect, cameras, and other third-party devices. With the push of a "help" or "call" button, trigger live video from the scene, PTZ commands, electronic personnel notifications, audio alarms, PA announcements, & access control commands. Geo-locate the kiosk in real-time, and log individual incidents with alarm records and video bookmarks.


Milestone Inovonics BTX

Sensors and IP Gateways


The Inovonics EN6080 Area Control Gateway links the proprietary Inovonics commercial mesh network to a standard TCP-IP over Ethernet LAN. App-Techs' integration connects to the EN6080 and transforms incoming alarms from a wide variety of Inovonics sensors into XProtect events and alarms.


Milestone Optex BTX

Laser Motion Detection


App-Techs provides unique integration of OPTEX sensors with Milestone XProtect and "inovonics" security systems through its BTX and BIX applications. Ideal for coordinating PTZ cameras and generating events and alarms for access control and other third-party security devices.


Milestone Qual-Tron BTX

Intrusion Detection


BTX provides XProtect integration for Qual-Tron (QTI) unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) and Intrusion Detection Systems. These RF sensors can be deployed in remote areas for perimeter defense, surveillance, border surveillance, narcotics traffic, natural resource protection, and more.


Milestone Sound BTX

Sound Intelligence
Audio Analytics


A proactive approach to security detection that provides alerts generated by patented sound classifications. Integration of Sound Intelligence software gives users the potential to intervene and prevent further escalation by detecting and alerting for verbal aggression detection, gunshot detection, and breaking glass detection.




Mass Notification


Milestone PSN BTX

Private Safety Network
Emergency Mass Communication


Trigger automated alarms and event messages to pre-selected PSN user groups. Allows triggering to a broad range of devices, including Milestone XProtect VMS, cameras, access control systems, Code/QR scanning technology, and audio devices.




Access Control


Milestone BlueAccess BTX

Blue Access - Cobalt
Access Control at your Fingertips


Integrates Cobalt access security software with Milestone XProtect, giving you the ability to monitor and control security events as they happen while seamlessly integrating your video monitoring and access control in one place. On screen buttons in the Smart Client allow you to provide or deny access with one click.


Milestone PSN BTX

ISONAS Access Control
Pure Access Management


Manage access control efficiently by intergrating ISONAS hardware and software with Milestone XProtect. Features include push button access control directly from the Smart Client Screen, access control device maps, and integration with third-party security devices, including cameras, audio notifications, and SIP phone systems.


Milestone Openpath App-Techs

Access Control


App-Techs developed the Milestone XProtect integration for Openpath access control readers, smart hubs, and controllers. Events and alarms from Openpath devices seamlessly connect with the XProtect interface, linking access control to the wider security network.



Server Monitoring


Milestone HUM

Health Utility Monitor®


Designed for servers hosting Milestone XProtect, HUM® is the health utility monitor with the tools to manage, monitor and troubleshoot your video management system. Hum logs and reports vital parameters associated with your server hardware, cameras, other network devices, and Windows or Milestone XProtect sub-systems.