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Covert Sentry®

Covert Sentry

Covert Video Surveillance System


Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, homeland security and others who need to rapidly deploy covert pole cameras.


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Formula for catching a thief or vandal ...


3G / 4G Cellular or Wi-Fi Coverage

Telephone or Light Pole with Power Source

+ Covert Sentry

= Fast and Easy Video Camera Deployment





Video Stream to most VMS Software


The Covert Sentry® portable video surveillance system is designed for rapid deployment and reliable performance in the most demanding environments. The Covert Sentry is fast and easy to install. Simply mount the package, then plug the unit into a standard 120VAC outlet, and walk away. Communication with the system is through a cellular data network interface or an optional Wi-Fi link. The Covert Sentry draws little current, and can easily run off a set of marine batteries and an inverter. As such, it can be readily installed in a stake-out van or other remote location where standard 120VAC is not available.


Covert Sentry® is Ideal for:


    • City-wide Surveillance
    • Vandal-prone Areas
    • Construction Sites
    • Police Stake-outs
    • Special Events
    • Police Vans
    • Park Areas
    • Another great law enforcement tool manufactured by App-Techs.
    • Guard Anywhere, All the Time, Unnoticed!


Designed for Reliable Surveillance On-the-Go


You can directly stream to you or your Video Surveillance Management system via an industrial 4G/3G Cellular modem or a Wi-Fi bridge / access point. The Covert Sentry comes with a Megapixel PTZ camera to maximize your coverage area.


Features Include:


    • Mount to any wall or pole.
    • Activate with only a power connection.
    • Access and control from any location.
    • Integrate with most surveillance servers.
    • Configure PTZ tour for super-wide field-of-view.
    • Dependable 24/7 video feed.
    • Self-contained surveillance camera package
    • High-speed, high-quality, camera
    • Optional embedded recording capability
    • Resistant to extreme weather and temperatures
    • Easy installation and operation
    • Easy interface with head-end video management system
    • Megapixel PTZ camera for total viewing control
    • Integrated power plug for instant activation
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) option
    • Cellular data interface option
    • Remote support service
    • Installation and training services available
    • 1-year App-Techs Warranty