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Axis Plate Verifier LPR integration with XProtect


BTX offers an enhanced integration of Axis Plate Verifier license plate recognition (LPR) software for use with Milestone XProtect. It is designed maximize situational and operational awareness whiling overcoming several limitations of the typical driver- and plug-in based integration method.


With BTX, Milestone Management Client and Smart Client plug-ins ... NOT required; driver events ... NOT required; alarm definitions ... NOT required. camera time sync ... NOT required!


Axis Plate Verifier + BTX = Less hassle ... more control ... instant results.


Key Features include:


  • Create, label, and manage any number of license plate lists; not limited to Allow, Deny, Custom.
  • View the detection snapshot JPG image in the XProtect Smart Client.
  • Contextualize LPR hits by adding / uploading searchable comments, vehicle owner, tags, etc.
  • Search Smart Client bookmarks and easily review prior detections by plate list or by plate #.
  • Easily trigger rules in XProtect based on plate list type.
  • Update existing plate lists-of-interest "on-the-fly" directly from the Smart Client.
  • Associate multiple cameras to LPR detections to better assess what is happening.


XProtect server amd workstation plug-ins NOT required!


  • BTX bypasses the need for plug-ins.
  • BTX leverages native XProtect features for a more intuitive and less complicated user-experience.
  • Reduce integration setup time, eliminate complicated alarm mappings, and frequent plug-in updates.
  • Avoid the hassle of XProtect driver compatibility issues.


BTX is compatible with many LPR platforms.


  • Simultaneously receive and sync detections from Axis Plate Verifier, Hanwha Road AI, Plate Recognizer, ParkPOW, Vaidio, and other platforms!
  • Remain flexible and utliize the LPR platform which best suits your needs ... as each has its merits.


How it works


BTX listens for event data directly from the Axis Plate Verifier ACAP modules and provides a simple method to map edge events with XProtect cameras and devices.


BTX includes a feature to create and manage centralized plate list(s). Create any number of plate lists and easily associate those lists to actions (rules) in XProtect when a detection event occurs.


BTX is 100% compatible with Axis cameras, ACAP analytics packages, Axis encoders / decoders, Axis intercoms, etc.. BTX can map Axis device events from any Axis camera, not just your LPR cameras.


With BTX, any Axis device can easily be configured to:


  • GENERATE XProtect alarm and event records with video bookmarks for ANY Axis device.
  • RENAME alarms with information your security operators can easily understand.
  • FILTER redundant, repetitive, or over-active alarms.
  • SEARCH previous events as XProtect Bookmarks.
  • ACTIVATE user-defined events to launch XProtect "rules."
  • TRIGGER PTZ presets and live matrix views, no rules required.
  • ASSOCIATE any XProtect camera / device to an Axis device event (not just the device of origin).
  • GROUP two or more device events into single master alarm (BTX Double-KNOCK)
  • UNIFY alarms sent by different manufacturers into a single, easy-to-understand name convention


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Try the integration yourself for 60 days, and see if it works for you. We'll help you install the configure the fully-functional evaluation license on your system. To schedule a demo, contact the App-Techs sales team.




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Axis Integration with XProtect




Axis Event Integration Data Flow

Axis Integration Dataflow Diagram