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Why Choose App-Techs?

1. Superior Value


App-Techs was founded on the principal of successfully delivering high-value business solutions. We deliver on this value by continuously leveraging our computer, networking, wireless, software and product knowledge to develop great solutions at superior prices.


   How App-Techs delivers superior value:



2.Flexible and Open Solutions


Easy Selection: App-Techs' philosophy is to identify and promote products and solutions that leverage the network, are scalable, open-architecture, non-proprietary and upgrade-able. 


  How App-Techs delivers flexible and open solutions:



3. Affordable High-Quality Service


We recognize the importance of good and prompt service. Intelligent investments in people, processes and technology have allowed us to grow as a company while maintaining affordable excellence in service to all of our customers.


  How App-Techs delivers high-quality affordable service:



4. Industry Expertise


There is no doubt that technological innovations are occurring at an increasing rate. It is challenging to keep up with the pace of this innovation, but at App-Tech we invest considerable time and effort to evaluate new products, solutions and pursue appropriate certifications.


  How App-Techs maintains deep industry knowledge:



5. Proven Track Record


App-Techs has hundreds of customers who have purchased and use our systems on a daily basis with immense trust in the design, performance and highly robust qualities of our products. Our customers come from a variety of different industries including local, state and federal government, hospitals, schools, manufacturing, retail and residential.


How App-Techs demonstrates a proven track record: