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Video Sentry®

Portable Video Surveillance Systems


Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, homeland security and others who need to rapidly deploy video surveillance systems.


The Video Sentry® portable video surveillance system is designed for rapid deloyment and reliable performance in the most demanding environments. Video Sentry is fast and easy to install. Simply plug the unit into a standard 110vac outlet and then connect your analog and / or network (IP) cameras to unit. Setup of the system, along with access to live and recorded video is either through a wired network interface, Wi-Fi link, or optional cellular data network interface. Video Sentry draws little current, and can easily run off a set of marine batteries and an inverter. As such, it can be readily installed in a stake-out van or other remote location where standard 110vac is not available.


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Video Sentry is Ideal for:


    • City-wide Surveillance
    • Vandal-prone Areas
    • Construction Sites
    • Police Stake-outs
    • Special Events
    • Police Vans
    • Park Areas


Designed for Reliable Surveillance On-the-Go:


The Video Sentry operates on a Microsoft Windows XP Professional platform and utilizes high-performance, off-the-shelf hardware to ensure performance, reliability and maintainability. The system includes a remote desktop support application to facilitate any ongoing support.


    Features Include:


    • Self-contained surveillance system
    • High-speed, high-quality, long-term recording storage
    • Embedded Milestone XProtect® recording software
    • Resistant to extreme weather and temperatures
    • Easy installation and operation
    • Remotely download recorded video
    • Analog and network camera connections
    • Integrated power for camera connections
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) enabled
    • Cellular data interface option
    • Remote desktop support service
    • Design, installation and training services available
    • 1-year App-Techs Warranty