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Gunshot Detection Integration with Milestone XProtect


App-Techs' BTX (Bridge to XProtect) integrates Active Guardian Sentinel™ gunshot detection devices with Milestone XProtect.


Active Guardian's patent-pending gunshot detection technology uniquely identifies high-frequency concussive shockwaves distinct to gunfire. Unlike other solutions that rely on acoustic microphones or audio / video analytics, Active Guardian devices are accurate and virtually impervious to background and environmental noise, including vehicle backfires, door and trunk slams, shouting, power equipment, and falling objects striking hard surfaces.


With BTX, Sentinel users can monitor for gunshot alarms within the Smart Client, view detections in real-time, initiate camera views, Smart Wall commands, lockdown protocols, audio announcements, text / email / mobile notifications, access control commands, I/O triggers, along with a range of other security responses.



Active Guardian - Milestone XProtect integration features:


  • Associate Sentinel device(s) with any number of XProtect cameras or devices.
  • Generate XProtect gunshot alarms with video bookmarks.
  • Activate PTZ presets based on the direction of detection.
  • Fire Smart Client matrix views.
  • Trigger Milestone user-defined events and rules.
  • Monitor offline status alarms for deployed Sentinel devices.
  • Manage all Sentinel devices from a single user-interface



Integrate any number of Sentinel devices with a single instance of BTX. Monitor sensor status and send notifications when a sensor is offline.



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Active Guardian Integration DEMO VIDEO



Learn more about Active Guardian Sentinel™


How It Works


BTX works by listening for, receiving, and transforming Sentinel gunshot detection alarms into Milestone-ready alarm records.


Any number of Sentinel devices can be pointed to and managed by BTX. BTX is continually monitoring the online status of each device and can be configured to generate an XProtect alarm if a device is unresponsive.


When a Sentinel device detects a gunhshot, BTX receives the alarm, identifies the device of origin, associates the alarm with user-designated XProtect cameras and/or devices, and generates an XProtect alarm record with video bookmarks.


BTX simultaneously activates matrix views, user-defined events, and PTZ presets without the need to create device-specific XProtect rules.


Result: Within a second, your video and security network spring into action to evaluate the potential threat.




Active Guardian Integration Data Flow

Gunshot Detection





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