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OPTEX Laser Sensor Systems

App-Techs Integrates OPTEX with Milestone XProtect


OPTEX partners with App-Techs to integrate OPTEX perimeter detection hardware with Milestone XProtect.


BTX (Bridge to Milestone XProtect) - App-Techs' signature integration middleware - powers this integration solution.


App-Tech's BTX middleware allows users to receive, filter, and classify alarms from OPTEX devices, which are then forwarded to Milestone XProtect. OPTEX alarms are easily associated with Milestone cameras and user-defined events, providing comprehensive perimeter and zone-based security. Integration features include:


  • Associate OPTEX alarms with XProtect cameras & devices
  • Generate XProtect Alarms with Video Bookbarks
  • Trigger live matrix views + PTZ presets + user-defined events
  • Differentiate alarms by device + alarm type + zone
  • Group alarms by zone and/or device into combinations
  • Rename alarms to provide location information or other key details
  • Monitor device status and anti-tampering features
  • Combine optex alarms with other third-party devices (BTX's DoubleKnock feature)


Integration with BTX works with REDSCAN and iSeries perimeter sensors. This includes battery-powered versions equipped with Inovonics wireless transmitters. For wireless versions, BTX can receive, filter, and classify alarms via an App-Techs-developed integration with the Inovonics EN6080 Area Control Gateway.



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OPTEX / XProtect Integration DEMO Video


Schedule an OPTEX / Milestone Integration


Contact the App-Techs Sales Team to schedule your OPTEX / Milestone integration.


BTX (Bridge to XProtect) Installation is relatively simple. It is very lightweight and consumes very little disk space and memory.


App-Techs will configure the software with purchase. Our techicians are available to assist you in the mapping of Optex devices with cameras and third-party devices. Training is provided to encourage self-sufficient use.


Software updates and ongoing technical support are included with your BTX purchase.


As a Milestone Diamond Partner, App-Techs delivers full XProtect integration and knowledgeable technical support


App-Techs has expertise integrating many types of third-party devices and analytics software. For a list of current integration partners, click HERE.


App-Techs develops custom third-party device integrations for those not currently supported by Milestone. For more information, contact our sales team.



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Optex Integration Data Flow



OPTEX Laser and Infrared Beam Detectors


App-Techs specializes in the design, installation, and support of OPTEX products. OPTEX devices use photoelectric beams to detect approaching objects and measure size, speed, and distance. Optex sensors detect motion and intrusions in total darkness, low-light conditions, inclement weather, or where traditional security cameras are not feasible.


Products include the iSeries, which provides point-to-point photoelectric detection to create a virtual trip wire (beam break). REDSCAN laser detectors map an invisible laser wall or plane and pinpoint any intrusion breaching the coverage area.


OPTEX offers advanced battery-powered and wireless capabilities to accommodate virtually any installation setting. They are ideal detectors for controlling PTZ cameras integrated with leading VMS platforms.


Easy Installation. Detectors can be set manually or automatically. If the automatic setting is used, the detector will set the proper detection area even for complicated area shapes.



iSeries Battery-Powered Detectors feature Inovonics Wireless Transmitters


iSeries detectors include Inovonics wireless transmitters, which dramatically cuts installation time and cost. No trenching. No wiring. No hassles. App-Techs integrates Inovonics wireless products with Milestone XProtect so your Optex wireless devices seamlesses push wireless alarms to your VMS.



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