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Teledyne FLIR Thermal Camera integration with XProtect

Make Teledyne FLIR Multispectral Camera Intrusion Alarms *POP* in XProtect



BTX transforms Teledyne FLIR FH-Series ID thermal intrusion threat detections into clear, actionable alarms in Milestone XProtect.


Notify security personnel immediately of an intrusion threat. Alarm records include location, HUMAN or VEHICLE classification, and ZONE.


Advanced filtering and renaming capabilities provide flexibility and user control. Filter false/repetitive alarms, rename alarms with site-specific, situation-specific information, and trigger user-defined events and other XProtect actions.


With BTX, Milestone Management Client and Smart Client plug-ins ... NOT required; driver events ... NOT required; alarm definitions ... NOT required. camera time sync ... NOT required!


Teledyne FLIR FH-Series + BTX = Less hassle ... more control ... instant results.



Key Features include:


Enhanced Situational and Operational Awareness.


  • RECEIVE real-time FH-Series intrusion alarms with Video Bookmarks.
  • CLASSIFY XProtect alarms by device, zone, and / or type (person or vehicle)
  • TRIGGER user-defined events, matrix views, PTZ presets, no rules required.
  • CREATE situation-specific, site specific alarm messages for easy understanding and action.
  • SEARCH detection metadata in the Smart Client.
  • ASSOCIATE multiple XProtect cameras / devices with a single alarm.
  • LISTEN for alarms as text-to-speech audio announcements with App-Techs' Spotlight Plug-in
  • SCHEDULE or supress alarms by time-of-day.



BTX's versatility and it ability to activate XProtect features means your integration will easy to setup and a snap to manage.


Avoid the need to create and manage a complicated web of ...


... XProtect Management driver events ... metadata streams ... user-defined events ... rules ... alarm definitions ... time server syncing ... management server plug-ins ... Smart Client plug-ins ... ongoing software updates ... staff training ...


With BTX, integrating your FLIR multispectral camera is as easy as updating a spreadsheet.



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Teledyne FLIR FH-Series ID Integration DEMO VIDEO




Teledyne FLIR FH-Series Integration Data Flow

FLIR ThermalIntegration Dataflow Diagram