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BTW (Bridge to Hanwha Wave VMS)

Add versatility to the Hanwha Wave VMS



App-Techs' Bridge-to-Wave (BTW) middleware integrates a wide variety of third-party systems with Wave VMS.


Receive events and alarms from Code Blue Emergency Phone systems, Axis devices, Plate Recognizer LPR, Bosch security panels, Inovonics duress buttons, and many more.


BTW makes generic events in Wave intuitive by dynamically associating cameras with third-party devices for easy event mapping. It also filters or "debounces" repetitive / over-active events for less false-positives and duplicative events.


Hanwha Wave + BTX =
        Enhanced integration capability for improved situational and operational awareness.




  • ASSOCIATE third-party devices with Wave cameras / devices.
  • FILTER repetitive or over-active events for less false-positives with BTW "debounce" option.
  • TRIGGER Wave generic events dynamically; only one generic event needed for many devices.
  • RECEIVE situation-specific, site specific event messages in the Wave Client.
  • SEARCH detection metadata as Bookmarks.


    BTW's versatility and ability to activate Wave events means your integration will easy to setup and a snap to manage. Avoid the need to create and manage a generic event for every device and event type.



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Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration




Do you have Hanwha RoadAI LPR Cameras?


Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration


BTW adds parking management capabilities and real-time alerts BY LICENSE PLATE LIST.


Centrally manage any number of lists on any number of RoadAI-equipped cameras ... with no need to go "direct-to-device".




BTW - Map third-party events in Wave, FAST!


Bridge-to-Wave (BTW) connects to the Wave API and has the ability to push generic events into the Wave system.


In the example below, let's use BTW to push Code Blue Emergency Phone "DIAL" events --- which can be received from dozens of individual devices --- into Wave with just one "Event Rule."




Step #1. Connect to the Wave server. Choose your preferred integration(s). Start listening for events.

Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration


Step #2. Use BTW to associate third-party devices with Wave cameras. Map keywords to capture only events-of-interest.


Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration


Step #3. set up your "Event Rule" in Wave.

  • BTW will embed dynamically embed the Caption and Source Camera as specified in Step #2.
  • The result: only one "Event Rule" for each preferred Wave setting across all of your Code Blue devices. BTW associates each "Event Rule" with a preferred Wave device.


Configure a Wave Desktop Notification


Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration



Configure a Wave Bookmark


Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration



Step #4. View DIAL events from any Code Blue call box on its associated Hanwha camera in the Wave Client.

  • Notice how BTW embeds contextual information into the caption for improved operational and situational awareness.


Hanwha Wave 3rd-Party Integration