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Spotlight™ Plug-in for Milestone XProtect Smart Client


  • Display color-coded bounding boxes around live camera cells to indicate alarms.


  • Play user-defined, alarm-specific AUDIO announcements directly on the Smart Client workstation.


The Spotlight™ Plug-in captures an operator's attention with visual and audio alerts based on XProtect event and/or alarm keyword matches. Security personnel can simply listen for alarms-of-interest and then look to see where given alarms occurred. The plug-in is ideal for Smart Walls and other heads-up displays where uninterrupted monitoring is not always possible.


Spotlight™ is completely plug-and-play. Enter alarm and/or event keywords on your Smart Client, select a color, type in an optional speech phrase, and audio and visual alerts are automatically activated. No user-defined events, rules, or back-end configuration required. Audio announcements come directly from the Smart Client workstation.


Be alert, aware, and attentive with Spotlight™!

Spotlight™ Plug-in Video DEMO with Audio Alerts




Spotlight Plug-in features include:


  • Display color-coded bounding box automatically around live cameras based on keyword match.


  • User-defined, text-driven AUDIO announcements can be associated with a keyword match.


  • Recognize incoming event/alarm messages by color and HEAR audio announcements in real-time


  • "ANNOUNCE ALL" triggers audio alerts for any XProtect events/alarms, including system events.


  • "Click-to-clear" or use an auto-expire timer to manually/automatically clear audio/visual alerts.


  • Repeat audio announcements and adjust bounding box duration and border width / thickness.


  • Settings can be personal, or public (shared with other Smart Client users).



Spotlight™ Licenses


Spotlight is licensed per workstation (MAC address). Contact App-Techs to purchase license keys or to schedule a live demo.



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Audio Announcement Samples



Example #1 - Milestone ACM Event
Example #2 - Inovonics Wireless Window Sensor
Example #3 - Vaidio Video Analytics Person Intrusion


Spotlight Data Flow Diagram






Milestone Marketplace Logo

Spotlight™ is a registered product on Milestone Marketplace. It has been tested by Milestone engineers and verified for XProtect compatibility.





Spotlight Plug-in - Use-Cases


Use Case # 1 - School Security


A school uses Milestone XProtect to monitor a wide variety of alarms, including access control, building sensors, gunshot detection, and video analytics.


The on-duty security guard monitors the school's live cameras with the Smart Client. However, he is often tasked with leaving his station to unlock doors, help students, and screen visitors.


With Spotlight, the guard can set up user-defined keywords to trigger audio announcements from his workstation and color-coded bounding boxes on his heads-up display. For example, a propped door can be announced as "Code Brown" and a brown box will appear around the camera where this alarm occurred.


While speaking with a student, the guard hears "Code Brown", which prompts him to quickly glance over to his monitor. He can see that students have propped open a door to the auditorium, which is prohibited. The guard politely excuses himself and proceeds to the auditorium to remove students from the unauthorized area.


With Spotlight, the security guard can multi-task. He can listen for alarms by ear and quickly assesses the situation at a glance while conducting other aspects of his job.



Use Case # 2 - Patient Monitoring


Video and audio analytics are being used at a hospital to monitor patients for signs of distress, discomfort, or falling.


With Spotlight, simply enter the keywords of "distress", "discomfort", or "fall" into the keyword fields and choose any color from the palette. For audio announcements, keywords associated with a device are used to audibly announce the patient room number.


When a "distress", "discomfort", or "fall" is received by XProtect, the Smart Client at the nursing station will display a color bounding box around the patient room from where the alarm originated and play a brief announcement.


In this case, the nurse hears a "Room 211 detection" announcement and sees a red bounding box on her display. At a glance, she confirms the patient has fallen, and immediately asks for help to assist the patient in need.


Additional Use-Cases


- Perimeter Monitoring - Indicate the severity of a breach, i.e, first-level, second-level, third-level, etc.

- Access Control - Indicate employee, restricted, and unauthorized access.

- Video Analytics - Indicate illegal parking, i.e. 30 seconds, 2 minutes, +5 minutes, etc.

- Traffic Control - Indicate stopped, slowed, or freely-moving vehicles

- IT - Announce Milestone system events, such as "Retention Time Critical" or "Hardware Communication Stopped".

- And many more ...




Spotlight™ Plug-in Screenshot

Spotlight Plug-in



Smart Client Settings Tab


Spotlight plug-in Settings