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Oosto - Milestone Integration with BTX (formerly AnyVision)



App-Techs' BTX (Bridge to XProtect) integrates Oosto's OnWatch AI-driven video analytics software with Milestone XProtect (formerly AnyVision's A Better Tomorrow).


BTX receives, filters, and transforms OnWatch recognition alarms into XProtect alarm records with video bookmarks. The integration includes the capability to receive OnWatch snapshot images and embed them as part of the Milestone alarm record.


With App-Techs' Latest Alarm Plug-in, snapshots from the OnWatch system can be automatically displayed in the XProtect Smart Client when a detection occurs.


Oosto's OnWatch Milestone integration capabilities include:



  • Generate XProtect alarms with video bookmarks.
  • Filter alarms by OnWatch group or even individual subject.
  • Import OnWatch snapshots directly into the Milestone alarm record.
  • Activate Smart Client matrix views.
  • Trigger Milestone user-defined events.
  • Display OnWatch detection snapshots in the Smart Client.*
  • Choose to display either detection snapshot or database subject match.
  • Use Milestone Open Network Bridge to manage RTSP streams.


*Automatic display of OnWatch Snapshot images requires a separate purchase of App-Techs' Latest Alarm Plug-in.



With BTX, Oosto OnWatch software detections can be monitored directly from the XProtect Smart Client. Security operators can view recognition detections as they occur, and Milestone can be configured to initiate rules based on detection type, group, or individual.


Grant door access to an approved exployee, initiate a lockdown procedure for an unauthorized person, or simply review OnWatch detections in your alarm history. BTX fully incorporates OnWatch into your XProtect security network so that you get the most security and utility from your OnWatch system.



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