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HUM® System



Health Utility Monitor for EasyNVR® Servers


HUM® is a comprehensive server Health Utility Monitor, giving you the tools to manage, monitor and troubleshoot your Milestone XProtect system. Its diagnostic and notification tools maximize system up-time and ensure timely, low-cost, proactive maintenance.


    • 24/7/365 monitoring of servers, cameras and other network devices.
    • "Phone-home" subsystem sends heartbeats and telemetry to the App-Techs cloud-hosted server(s).
    • Logging of network, hardware, Windows® and Milestone XProtect® subsystem performance.
    • Assign "breach" (high/low) thresholds on any monitored subsystem.
    • Send email alerts based upon any breach and upon the restore of a given metric.
    • Scheduled breach reports provide a consolidated view of breaches across many systems.
    • Graphs in web UI include selectable time scales to visualize short- and long-term system trends.
    • Tightly integrates with all Milestone XProtect® versions, providing vital surveillance monitoring capabilities.
    • Query and log data from any device with numerical SNMP values.
    • Integrates with Milestone XProtect® Smart Client views.


HUM® provides you with the tools to keep your system HUMMING!










HUM® Setup and Features


HUM® is typically installed on all Milestone VMS "management" and "recording" servers. It can monitor networked devices, including but not limited to: cameras, switches, radios, intercoms, telephones, access panels and readers, printers and workstations.


    • Web-based access allows for both client and remote IT management.
    • HUM auto-starts with your server and is always online for mission-critical monitoring.
    • HUM configurations are easily backed-up. Simple replication and distribution from template or master servers to other servers.
    • Ability to query and log data from any device with numeric SNMP values.


HUM monitors within minutes of the initial installation and is pre-configured for a typical Milestone server environment. It logs the following data and displays results as graph in the web UI:


    • System uptime (so we can track the complete history of uptime and reboots)
    • CPU utilitization
    • CPU core temperatures
    • Memory utilization (detect application memory leaks)
    • Data volume usage (detect high consumption / low free space)
    • Data volume disk queue length (detect slow disk responsiveness)
    • Data volume reads and writes (detect excessive i/o)
    • NIC traffic (detect periods of high / low traffic)
    • Pings to switches, cameras, radios, phones, intercoms, gateways (detect slow network / hops / branches)
    • Traffic on switch ports, radios, gateways (detect sources of high-traffic)
    • Milestone camera status (detect offline cameras / devices)
    • And more.



Health Utility Monitor