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Latest Alarm

Latest Alarm™ Plug-in for Milestone XProtect Smart Client


The plug-in persistently plays a short video loop from the most recent XProtect alarm, showing the video associated with the alarm as the alarm occurred. It provides instant, hands-free, recurring playback of an alarm, which allows an operator to review its context, nature and/or severity.



Latest Alarm Plug-in features include:


    • Looping "before-and-after" video: Shows most recent XProtect alarm, displaying video as it occurred.
    • Automatic, "hands-free" video loop activation: Ideal for Smart Walls and "heads-up" displays.
    • Display settings are adjustable: Stretch to fit screen, set video loop duration.
    • Keyword Filters: Specify which alarms or alarm types are displayed.
    • Snapshot Option: Display embedded JPEG images included in alarm messages from some third-party systems.
    • Easy setup: Toggle loop, live, or snapshot view; adjust aspect ratio.



The Latest Alarm™ Plug-in is hands-free, requiring no user action to display the video loop. An excellent addition to Smart Walls and Smart Client "heads-up" displays or where visual cues are used to indicate incoming alarms.


Setup is straightfoward and simple. Specify a desired video loop duration (default is 7 seconds before event, 8 seconds after) and select whether you want to stretch or fix the aspect ratio.


Keyword filtering activates the video loop for only certain alarms or alarm types.


With the Latest Alarm™ Plug-in, never miss an alarm and always see what happened as it occurred.




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Latest Alarm™ Plug-in - Use-Case


Scenario: A camera detects motion in an unauthorized area containing expensive products and equipment.


At the time of the alarm, the security guard was not at his monitoring station.

How can he quickly determine what or who set off the motion alarm?

When he returns to his station, the live camera view shows no one in the area.


With the Latest Alarm™ Plug-in, all the guard has to do is look at his Smart Client view.

The plug-in displays a 15-second clip showing a custodian briefly entering the area, grabbing a mop, and promptly leaving.

Within seconds, the security guard determines no unauthorized activity occurred.



Suggested applications


Access Control - Play video loop of last person to enter facility or unauthorized swipe attempts.

Parking - Replay detection of banned plates or illegally parked vehicles.

Perimeter Monitoring - Repeat recent breach alarm to assess severity.

Airport Security - Repeat clip of object-left-behind alarm to gather suspect information.

Face Recognition - Display unidentified or banned individuals for ID gathering.

Intrusion Detection - Repeat scene to gather facts about unauthorized persons.

Hospitals - Repeat clips of detected falls, distress, prohibited access. or panic alerts.

General Security - Repeat "before" clips of camera tampering alarms

And many more...




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