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Code Blue - Milestone Integration with BTX


App-Techs is pleased to partner with Code Blue Corporation as its designated Milestone integration specialist.


App-Techs' BTX (Bridge-to-Milestone XProtect) integrates Code Blue intercoms and speakerphones with Milestone XProtect.


This integration provides visual confirmation via live and recorded video of Code Blue intercom and speakerphone activation in the XProtect Smart Client.


Security monitors and dispatchers can immediately view cameras at the scene of an emergency call to monitor and assess the situation. Maps can indicate the location of the call. "Rules" can automate notifications and other security procedures, without the need for manual human intervention. Video "bookmarks" provide a method to quickly search for and review prior intercom / speakerphone calls and other events.


App-Techs offers integrations with the legacy ToolVox Management System and Blue Alert® Connect & Monitor.



Code Blue's enhanced Milestone integration capabilities include:


  • Generate Milestone event and alarm records with video bookmarks
  • Activate Smart Client live matrix views
  • Trigger PTZ commands (point cameras to the scene of a call)
  • Notify field security personnel electronically
  • Activate audio alarms, strobes, PA announcements, and other output devices
  • Initiate access control commands (lock & unlock doors, etc.)
  • Geo-locate kiosk call source in real-time
  • Trigger Milestone user-defined events
  • Monitor online/offline status
  • Sync Code Blue kiosks with video analytics assets



Integrate any number of Code Blue emergency intercoms and speakerphones. Multiple Toolvox and/or Blue Alert servers can connect to a single instance of BTX. Monitor intercom / speakerphone status and send notifications when a device is offline. Trigger valuable Milestone actions based on device zone / location.


Use Case: A call button on a Code Blue intercom is pushed by a confused visitor trying to find the exit in a campus parking lot. When the phone rings, the security guard looks at a Smart Client to see a live view of the caller. A map icon indicates the call box is in the parking lot's northeast corner. A text notification is sent to the parking attendant responsible for the Northeast entrance. Using the live view, the security guard explains to the caller that the parking lot exit is to his / her right. The caller and the security guard have the information needed to resolve the situation.



Business Case: This integration of Code Blue intercoms and speakerphones with XProtect heightens security awareness and responsiveness to potential emergency events, thus reducing your organization's exposure to financial and reputational losses due to injuries, accidents, and theft.



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BTX-Code Blue Smart Client Features

Inovonics Milestone Integration


How It Works


App-Techs' BTX (Bridge to XProtect) software listens for incoming events and alarms from a ToolVox or Blue Alert media gateway.


Based on user-defined rules and schedules, BTX receives, transforms, filters, and classifies the data into Milestone-ready event and alarm records.


BTX associates the processed records with user-designated cameras and other third-party devices.


The data is forwarded to XProtect.


XProtect generates live camera views, matrix displays, event & alarm records, electronic notifications, video bookmarks, and initiates user-defined events for ALL devices associated with the processed Code Blue alarm record.


Result: The push of Code Blue call button springs your video and security network into tangible action.

BTX Code Blue


Schedule a Code Blue / Milestone Integration


Contact the App-Techs Sales Team to schedule your Code Blue / Milestone XProtect integration.


BTX (Bridge to XProtect) Installation is relatively simple. It is very lightweight and consumes very little disk space and memory.


App-Techs will configure the software with purchase. Our techicians are available to assist you in the mapping of Code Blue emergency intercoms and speakerphones with cameras and third-party devices. Training is available to encourage self-sufficient use.


Long-term software updates and ongoing technical support are available with your BTX purchase.


As a Milestone Premier Partner, App-Techs delivers full XProtect integration and knowledgeable technical support


App-Techs has expertise integrating many types of third-party devices and analytics software. For a list of current integration partners, click HERE.


App-Techs develops custom third-party device integrations for those not currently supported by Milestone. For more information, contact our sales team.



Learn more about Code Blue


To learn more about Code Blue emergency intercoms and speakerphones, visit Code Blue Corporation.


More information with the partnership with Code Blue is available HERE