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Touch-Free Card Reader

June 9 2020

App-Techs Designs Contactless ID / Card Viewer System
for Coronavirus / COVID-19 Testing Centers



App-Techs designed and deployed (in short order) a portable network-based contactless ID / insurance card presentation system for a local Coronavirus / COVID-19 testing center.


The system permits an operator to simultaneously view (on a monitor) identification and insurance cards from any distance or location (supported by network).


The cards are placed onto small vacuum ports, the surfaces of which are minimal, and thus reduce possible transmission or pickup of pathogens.


System features include:



    • Camera-with-zoom facilitates remote live viewing of ID and/or insurance cards.
    • Vacuum boxes use suction to stabilize and present ID cards without any person-to-person or person-to-surface contact.
    • Wheels and guide bar allow operator to reposition while maintaining social distancing.
    • Fixed relative positions of camera and card-capture mounts ensure stable ID imagery, even in windy conditions.
    • Counterbalanced design provides portability and stability.



To minimize possible virus exposure, the portable unit uses vacuum ports to receive, secure and present ID and/or insurance cards without the need for person-to-person or person-to-surface touching.


Visitors place ID and/or insurance cards on the vacuum ports from the safety of their vehicle, and suction secures the cards in place.


Cards remain in place even if the cart is moved or in breezy conditions. Operators use the live video feed to view card content from a safe distance. When finished, visitors retrieve their cards without any direct contact with the equipment.


The extended horizontal length provides extra distance between an operator and vehicle. Vertical counterbalance provides a hand-hold for an operator to easily grab and move the system into optimal positions if/when adjustments are required.


The system can be wheeled from location to location, and hooks are included to hang cables while transporting.


The camera and vacuum ports are in fixed relative positions, ensuring a stable image, even in windy conditions or if the card reader is nudged or moved. Counterbalancing ensures stability.


The Contactless Card Viewer system eliminates the need for person-to-person exchange of cards, and it eliminates the needs for changing gloves and otherwise sterilizing table surfaces between visitors. This system should prove useful in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.


If you are interested in ordering a Contactless Card Viewer system, contact the App-Techs Sales Team HERE.





Touch Free Card Reader



Touch Free Card Reader



Touch Free Card Reader



Touch Free Card Reader



Touch Free Card Reader