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'No Mask' Alerts with Video Analytics

September 9 2020

Ensure employee, student, and visitor safety with 'No Mask' video analytics alerts



EasyVA® Video Analytics offers 'No Mask' detection alerts as part of its suite of automated video analytics capabilities.


The software analyzes live camera feeds and instantly reports when people are identified as not wearing a mask. It identifies individuals even if the mask is being worn incorrectly, i.e., worn below the nose.


Choose real-time response options such as triggering real-time audio alerts and/or email notifications. The software also allows users to forensically review 'No Mask' detections to identify and respond to prior incidents.


When paired with BTX (Bridge to XProtect) and Milestone XProtect, 'No Mask' alerts can trigger a full range of safety responses, including automated audio announcements/reminders, visual reminders, email and text notifications, and Smart Client alarm records.


EasyVA® Analytics Servers are equipped with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based, "Deep Learning" software that provides a host of video analytics detection capabilities on a single server.


EasyVA®Analytics capabilties include:



    • Intrusion Alerts / Perimeter Breach Detection
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Face Recognition
    • No Mask Detection
    • Object Detection (Persons, vehicles of any type, bicycles, backpacks, cell phones, etc.)
    • Person & Vehicle Counting
    • Person & Vehicle Wrong Direction
    • Loitering & Illegal Parking
    • Safety Helmet & Vest Detection
    • Fall & Crouch Detection
    • Weapons Detection



With EasyVA®, transform your existing camera network into a smart surveillance system with continuous, automated 24/7 video monitoring. EasyVA®detection features are completely interchangeable, so you can deploy different features for any given camera, based on your changing security needs.



Learn more about EasyVA® Analytics Servers





No Mask Analytics VIDEO DEMO with Milestone




Multiple People, Multiple Detections

Software identifies and categorizes subjects based on whether wearing a mask. Users can select a subject (highlighted in red) for additional subject metadata

Touch Free Card Reader



Differentiate Mask vs. No Mask Wearers

Selected subject shown in red




Acknowledge Proper Mask Wearers

Mask Detected