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Dan Fritsch Named 2021 Milestone Developer Champion

July 6 2021


App-Techs congratulates Dan and the other 2021 Milestone Developer Champions for their work improving the Milestone XProtect experience.


Milestone Champions are influential voices and leaders in the Milestone developer community. Champions openly share development knowledge and encourage the innovative use of the Milestone SDK, API, and associated products. Most importantly, Champions deliver an improved Milestone experience for customers while encouraging colleagues to do to the same.


Named 2021 Developer Champions include:


App-Techs - Dan Fritsch
Bosch Security - Christian Spitzner
The Boring Lab - Dani Elias
Orbnet Systems - Eric Bourque
Veertec - Michel Matta


True to character, Dan is appreciative of the award but humble about the individual recognition. Below he used his introduction video to talk about his staff - as well as a few integrations and Smart Client plug-ins App-Techs offers on Milestone Marketplace.


Milestone Developer Champion - Introduction



When asked by Milestone staff if he had a Milestone "superpower", Dan responded:


"As a generalist by nature, I am familiar with much and master of little."


"I have no Milestone Superpower. The Superpower which emanates from App-Techs is driven by the sum of our individual strengths and collective effort."


Each person on our team is a champion: Dave and Kevin with the MIP SDK; Paul with XProtect Events, Alarms, Rules and Smart Client tricks; Ryan J. in XProtect configuration and management; Jenny, Nancy and Diane with XProtect Licensing and Care; Chris, Justin and Derek with Recording Server hardware, networks and security; Alex with inventory, shipping and receiving; David, Ryan R. and Dave J. with system installation and maintenance; Linsey in bookkeeping; and Andrew who keeps us communicating among ourselves and with our XProtect clients."


Each person is necessary and contributes to our overall relationship with the Milestone ecosystem. It is important to say that we view Milestone’s personnel as Champions … delivering quality products and support. We are in this together."


Dan enjoys working with the MIP SDK and sees business value in the work:


"it enables us to provide our clients with features and integrations that might not otherwise exist. Sometimes the features are just minor touches / enhancements of the base system interfaces (Smart Client and Management Client). At other times, we develop full-blown integrations which pull 3rd-party events and alarms into XProtect, or otherwise push XProtect events, alarms and commands into third-party systems."


When reflecting on the role he has played within the Milestone community, Dan highlights the shared spirit of collaboration:


"In the same way that the Milestone platform is ‘open,’ we try to operate in a similar manner; open and supportive of those in our community. Having open business relationships generally leads to more success, and more business opportunities for all of us. It’s win-win.”



XProtect Champion


XProtect Champion


XProtect Champion