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Simple Web Interface for Milestone


SWIM provides a simple and secure method to remotely access any single camera of a Milestone XProtect system. Authentication and video are provided entirely by the XProtect server, and video is displayed by a user's web browser. Camera selection, authentication and other parameters are supplied within a given hyperlink so that camera integration into third-party applications and web sites is hands-free for the end-user.


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Features and Benefits


    • Integrate Live Video into Card Access Systems
    • Facilitate Project Management via Web Site Portal to Live Video of Job Site
    • Integrate Live Video onto Company Web Site
    • Achieve NIMS Compliance by allowing First Responders Easy and Secure Access to Site Cameras
    • Easy Installation & Operation
      • Installs on any PC with Internet Explorer (version 7 or above)
      • Requires only that ActiveX be enabled in Internet Explorer
    • Integration with other third-party applications that offer hyperlinks
    • Analog & Network (IP) Camera Connections with Integrated Power
    • Remotely View Live Video through:
      • Any Business or Home Internet Connection
      • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks
      • Cellular Data Networks
      • Virtual Private Network ("VPN")


With SWIM, you can integrate a camera from the Milestone system directly to a web page or hyperlink. This means that ad hoc users (e.g. Contractors, First-responders, Police & Fire departments) will not need to install the Milestone Smart Client. They will simply need a web browser with ActiveX enabled. Additionally, the IT department will not have to worry about the issues associated with deploying Milestone's Smart Client (e.g. Windows Firewall, Antivirus applications, Windows updates and basic end-user confusion.)


With SWIM, video and authentication are managed by the Milestone XProtect system - in its normal fashion. This means that the cameras will not need to support multiple video streams and that bandwidth on your LAN / WAN will remain steady. Furthermore, because the video is delivered by central Milestone Recording servers, you will not need to manage and provide port-forwards to each camera.


Network Diagram