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Milestone video features the Spotlight Plug-in by App-Techs

April 20 2022


Milestone Systems features the Spotlight Plug-in by App-Techs in a new promotional video.


The video series showcases a variety of Milestone use-cases with the goal of introducing Milestone users to solutions that address specific security challenges.


The Spotlight Plug-in was developed by App-Techs to increase situational awareness for Milestone XProtect Smart Client users.


Spotlight monitors incoming security events and alarms in real-time by searching for certain keyword matches. When a keyword match occurs, Spotlight can trigger any number of the following actions in the Smart Client.



    • VISUAL CUES: Display a color-coded bounding box around relevent on-screen cameras.
    • AUDIO ANNOUNCEMENTS: Play a user-defined, text-to-speech message when an alarm occurs.
    • *POP-UP* WINDOWS: Automatically *pop-up* a pre-selected view when an alarm occurs.
    • CHANGE ON-SCREEN VIEW: Change current view to a pre-selected, alarm-relevant view.



The Spotlight Plug-in responds to alarms of interest in real-time, raising the awareness-level of Smart Client operators. It also includes a variety of tools to ensure that an alarm is never missed on account of operator absense, multi-tasking, or distraction.


Spotlight is also well-suited for clients who practice *passive* alarm monitoring; in many cases, it is simply not feasible to have around-the-clock Smart Client monitoring.


With Spotlight, your Smart Client can do the direct monitoring for you. When an alarm of interest occurs, Spotlight will TELL you when you need to pay attention and SHOW you which camera requires active monitoring.


App-Techs is excited to continue our working partnership with Milestone and bring new innovations to the Smart Client user-experience.




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