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App-Techs Does Home/Small-Business Security and Automation

September 2 2017
This fall, App-Techs continued its exploration of "new frontiers" in technology, with the implementation of home security and automation tools at the home of an old acquaintance.


In September and October of 2016, Brad from State College reached out to App-Techs team member Dan Fritsch, since they had worked together years ago at another technology company. We are using only Brad's first name, because this was an installation in a private home to install a home security system. At the same time, Dan had been researching this as well and was implementing just this sort of equipment at our headquarters in Lancaster, PA.


The two agreed on 2GIG GoControl equipment as the basis for the security and automation system. App-Techs' "Cloud Video" service was the basis for surveillance cameras, with App-Techs pre-configuring the system, tech-savvy Brad installing the physical hardware, and our technicians remotely assisting as needed.


Brad had initially considered another major security vendor, because his home was already wired for its equipment and was the only company with which he was familiar. As he began looking into it further, a number of CONCERNS AROSE. That company required a three-year contract. Customer complaints were found online. Pricing was fairly steep. If customers did not want to go with the primary cellular plan (which Brad was not sure would even work given his home's location), then the only other option was a land line. He was concerned that a land line would be too easy for a potential home invader to simply cut.


When he called Dan about other options, he learned that App-Techs was moving into this very field. The two of them realized that they had a good fit and decided to move forward together. App-Techs procured the basic panel and sensor package, pre-configured the system, and shipped the parts to Brad, who then went to work on the physical installation. Brad liked how well things came together, since 2GIG's plug-in box (or "take-over module") could be connected to the preexisting door and motion sensors that were already wired and powered around his home. He was also able to set up a "beam break sensor", which allowed the family dog to freely come and go, yet could detect a human approaching the house from the outside stairs.


Surveillance cameras were also included in the system, which App-Techs preconfigured for its own "Cloud Video" servers. The cameras would stream video to the servers, and allow Brad to remotely access live or recorded video from his Smartphone and other Internet-enabled devices. Brad expressed his appreciation that Dan strove to make it all work with the "antiquated" Windows XP operating system that is still running on one of his home computers. Another positive Brad noted, is that 2GIG GoControl is compatible with Z-Wave technology standards for the "Internet of Things." This way he is not limited to 2GIG hardware in the future, and can buy or add other equipment like sensors as needed.


Brad was so pleased with the results, that he reached out to Dan and offered his "testimonial," resulting in this article. App-Techs always appreciates such enthusiasm from its customers, and we look forward to future work with Brad and other customers who are seeking security system alternatives for their home or business.