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Spotlight™ Plug-in with Audio Announcements

March 31 2021

New Feature! User-Defined Audio Announcements For Your Smart Client


The Spotlight™ Plug-in captures an operator's attention with its new, user-defined, text-driven, alarm-specific AUDIO announcements. Combined with Spotlight's color-coded bounding boxes around live camera cells, incoming alarms or events can be identified AT A GLANCE and BY EAR.


Spotlight™ supports operators in environments where uninterrupted monitoring is not always possible. It is ideal for Smart Walls and heads-up displays. Security personnel can simply listen for alarms of interest and look to see the highlighted camera of interest.



New Spotlight™ features include:


    • User-defined, text-driven audio announcements based on alarm and/or event keyword matches.
    • Color-coded bounding boxes automatically trigger around live cameras.
    • "ANNOUNCE ALL" triggers audio announcements for events/alarms from any device on your network.
    • Audio alerts can be repeated periodically if missed initially.
    • "Click-to-clear" or use expiry timer to manually/automatically clear bounding boxes and audio alerts.



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"Never Miss an Alarm with Spotlight™"



How it works


Spotlight™ audio announcements play directly from Smart Client workstation. Setup is simple. Enter an exact or partial event and/or alarm keyword, associate the keyword with a user-defined phrase, and hear the phrase read aloud when an alarm or event is received.


Audio alerts can be repeated periodically to make sure an alarm is never missed. Spotlight alerts are easily cleared by the user or auto-expired by timer. Settings can be shared globally or defined by each user.


Spotlight™ is licensed on a per workstation basis.



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Spotlight™ Demo Video




Audio Announcement Samples



Example #1 - Milestone ACM Event
Example #2 - Inovonics Wireless Window Sensor
Example #3 - Vaidio Video Analytics Person Intrusion