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Upcoming Milestone Partnership Summit

September 15 2022


App-Techs to attend MIPS 2022 Milestone Partner Summit in Minneapolis



Several App-Techs team members will travel to Minneapolis on October 24-26 to attend MIPS 2022 Milestone Partnership Summit.



The MIPPS 2022 conference invitation continues an important and productive partnership for App-Techs. Our company continues to sell and service Milestone XProtect, and our software developers and system engineers are actively engaged in a series of projects that will lead to more robust and useful third-party integrations with XProtect.


The MIPS conference strengthens App-Techs' market presence by providing the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Milestone company leaders, engineers, developers, and sales representatives


Conference highlights will include break-out sessions on emerging industry trends, a preview of new products and strategic initiatives, and networking events to develop new business opportunities for App-Techs.


MIPS 2022 capstones a recent surge in national & international travel for App-Techs, which has included business trips and on-site projects in Denmark, Dallas, Los Angeles, West Virginia, Baltimore, and DC.


Learn more about an App-Techs recent trip to Milestone Global Headquarters in Brøndby, Denmark HERE






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