Latest Alarm™ Smart Client Plug-in

Latest Alarm™ Smart Client Plug-in
A single-use license for use with the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The Latest Alarm™ Plug-in persistently repeats a video loop of the latest alarm received. Keyword filtering is available to filter for different alarms or alarm types. The plug-in includes an option to displaying embedded *.jpg image snapshots sent from third-party systems.
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This plug-in persistently plays a short video loop from the most recent XProtect alarm, showing the video associated with the alarm as the alarm occurred. It provides instant, hands-free, recurring playback of an alarm, which allows an operator to review its context, nature and/or severity.


Latest Alarm Plug-in features include:
  • Looping "before-and-after" video: Shows most recent XProtect alarm, displaying video as it occurred.
  • Automatic, "hands-free" video loop activation: Ideal for Smart Walls and "heads-up" displays.
  • Display settings are adjustable: Stretch to fit screen, set video loop duration.
  • Keyword Filters: Specify which alarms or alarm types are displayed.
  • Snapshot Option: Display embedded JPEG images included in alarm messages from some third-party systems.
  • Easy setup: Toggle loop, live, or snapshot view; adjust aspect ratio.


With the Latest Alarm™ Plug-in, never miss an alarm and always see what happened as it occurred.

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