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BTX now receives & pushes SNMP traps into XProtect

May 2 2019

App-Techs just added an upgrade to Bridge to XProtect (BTX), and it now has the ability to receive and push SNMP traps directly into XProtect.



This capability allows a network monitor to instantly identify issues involving routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, and other SNMP-enabled devices.



This is a great way to automate network monitoring, as BTX can trigger instant mobile and email alerts when network device issues occur.



The Smart Client's map feature can also be configured to show the exact location of the device across your building or campus. No more searching device lists and trial-and-error investigations to find out where issues are occurring!



On the back end, App-Techs' engineers developed code that can receive, transcode and classify incoming SNMP trap information, and then report issues as events and alarms in Milestone XProtect.



BTX investigates so you don't have to. Contact App-Techs to assist with automation of your security and network monitoring with BTX, or to upgrade your current BTX version.