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Bosch B9512G panel integration with Milestone XProtect

September 21 2021


The App-Techs Bridge to XProtect (BTX) now monitors the panel point + area status on a Bosch B9512-G control panel and relays alarms into Milestone XProtect.


With BTX, you can easily associate panel alarms with any number of Milestone cameras/devices. View panel alarms in real-time, or review previous alarms with BTX-generated video bookmarks in the XProtect Smart Client.


The integration is compatible with ethernet-capable panels using the "Bosch Mode 2" protocol. These panels typically monitor intruder, gas, fire, and access control alarms, and include keypad(s) to allow operators to manually arm and disarm the system.


A single instance of BTX can receive alarms from any number of panels.


Additional features include the ability to filter panel alarms by type and rename alarms to include site-specific descriptive information. BTX is easily configured to trigger XProtect live "matrix" views, notifications, and PTZ presets.


With BTX, Bosch panel alarms launch your XProtect VMS into action.




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