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App-Techs integrates gunshot detection technology with Milestone XProtect

June 14 2021

Simple, Accurate, Affordable Gunshot Detection


App-Techs has partnered with Active Guardian to integrate its patent-pending Sentinel™ gunshot detection technology with Milestone XProtect.


The Sentinel™ sensor by Active Guardian is different from other gunshot detection technologies on the market. While other products rely on a combination of acoustic microphones and sound analytics software, or video analytics software to detect muzzle flashes, Sentinel™ detects the ultra high frequency, concussive shockwave produced by the small explosion in the barrel of a gun.


The result is a gunshot detection solution that is both accurate and virtually impervious to background and environmental noise, including vehicle backfires, door and trunk slams, shouting, power equipment, and falling objects hitting hard surfaces.


The net result is a product that is simple, accurate, and greatly reduces false-positive events.



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Integration with Milestone XProtect


Seeing the potential of this technology for our clients, which includes schools, hospitals, and large employers, App-Techs contacted Active Guardian and agreed to bring this technology to XProtect customers.


App-Techs adapted our signature middle-ware, BTX (Bridge to XProtect) to listen for Sentinel™ gunshot alarms and convert them into Milestone XProtect alarms with video bookmarks.


BTX adds tremendous utility to Active Guardian deployments. Gunshot alarms are immediately visible to Smart Client operators, providing situational awareness within a second. BTX also triggers matrix views, user-defined events, and PTZ presets to instantly set your security system into action in a life-threatening situation.


Active Guardian / BTX Integration features:


  • Associate Sentinel™ device(s) with any number of XProtect cameras or devices.
  • Generate XProtect gunshot alarms with video bookmarks.
  • Activate PTZ presets based on the direction of detection.
  • Fire Smart Client matrix views.
  • Trigger Milestone user-defined events and rules.
  • Monitor offline status alarms for deployed Sentinel devices.
  • Manage all Sentinel devices from a single user-interface



Integrate any number of Sentinel™ devices with a single instance of BTX. Multiple Sentinel™ device networks can be routed to and managed by BTX. Monitor sensor status and receive a notification when a sensor is offline.


With BTX, a Sentinel™ gunshot alarm activates your video and security network to evaluate and respons to the potential threat.


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Active Guardian Integration DEMO VIDEO