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The EasyNVR combines the power and flexibility of the Milestone XProtect VMS software, with high-quality hardware, built and configured specifically for your application!

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World's #1 Open Platform VMS

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Future-proof Video Surveillance System


Introducing the EasyNVR®

The EasyNVR is a comprehensive line of servers, specifically built for Milestone XProtect systems. The EasyNVR servers are built in the USA with the highest-quality components. Because of our deep knowledge with Milestone XProtect systems, the EasyNVR makes everything ... Easy!

Easy Selection - Selecting a server for any VMS platform is not a trivial matter. There are dozens of parameters that ultimately affect the performance, scalability, serviceability and reliability of your solution.

We can list a series of Servers to from which to pick, but that simplicity usually means you are not asking the right questions, sacrificing features or paying too much. The EasyNVR Part Code System EasyNVR Design Guide (EasyNVR Presentation) will walk you through a simple process that will help you build the perfect system at the right price.

Easy Installation - All EasyNVR systems come pre-installed with your specific Milestone XProtect Software (software licenses are optional) and all hardware is preconfigured and ready to go out-of-the box. In addition our systems include dozens of optimizations that will save you time with your installation and increase performance the system.

If you require a turnkey design along with installation and training, our Nationwide Milestone Certified Dealer Network is ready to assist you.

Easy Maintenance - All EasyNVRs are built to last. They include Intel components and enterprise-class hard drives. Our "Standard" and "Performance" system also include the highest quality SuperMicro Chassis with Hot-Swappable drives. The EasyNVRs also contain no proprietary hardware and are therefore easily serviced by any qualified computer technician. Furthermore, the EasyNVRs include an option for HUM, the most comprehensive Health Utility that will provide you with valuable insight into your hardware, network and user interactions. For large installations, we even offer DMAP, an online maintenance tool that save you time locating, managing and servicing all devices associated with your video surveillance system.

Easy Expandability - Since the EasyNVRs are built around the Milestone XProtect, you can easily add camera licenses, update your software or completely upgrade your system to a more advanced Milestone XProtect Version. In addition, the "Economy"," Standard" & "Performance" EasyNVR systems are all built with sufficient ports to fully populate all drive bays - without the need to install additional controller boards. This means that you can build a system today knowing that you can add drives later to increase the system's performance and storage.

Easy Integration - Because the EasyNVRs are built around Milestone XProtect, you have the World's #1 Open-Platform VMS solution from which the integration possibilities are endless. Furthermore, App-Techs' SWIM, TIM and MXPBridge Integration modules can help you affordably unleash the power of a truly Open-Platform solution.

Easy Support - App-Techs isn't just a manufacturer of the EasyNVR, also have experience with Video Surveillance Systems, Cameras, Networks, Wireless Systems and Software Integration. In addition, we have a staff experienced and certified with Milestone XProtect and we have 1,000s of hours testing and optimizing Milestone XProtect Systems. Therefore, if you want great advice and support, App-Techs can provide a level of service unmatched by others.

Easy Decision - The trends in the video surveillance industry clearly suggest that the rapid development of new video, network, analytics and integration technologies will continue. Today, more than ever, you need a system that can evolve and continually take advantage of new technologies. For this you need an Open Platform VMS, top-quality non-proprietary hardware and a knowledgeable staff to guide you along the way. The EasyNVR not only offers all that, it also has proven its reliability and is the chosen system for many Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Retail, Manufacturing, City-Wide Surveillance, Residential, Local Governments as well as Federal Government institutions. Therefore if you are looking for the best video surveillance solution, the decision is easy ... the EasyNVR.