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Through PEPPM, App-Techs offers great cameras, the best NVRs and DVRs, the world's #1 Network video surveillance software and all the support and services you need for a reliable and affordable world-class video surveillance solution.

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We Provide Sales and Service for Leading Brands, including:


Milestone Systems is the leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP network-based video surveillance. Milestone XProtect is a hardware-independent solutions supporting over 1000 different network cameras from more than 85 manufacturers. If you are looking for a powerful, flexible and every evolving Surveillance solution, Milestone is the perfect choice.


Panasonic is the global leader in the surveillance industry. They offer a complete line of IP and Analog Cameras, Monitors, Recorders and Control Systems with network and internet accessibility.


Mobotix is a manufacturer of a variety of robust, feature-rich, megapixel network cameras. Their cameras can either be implemented with off-the-shelf storage solutions or utilized with Milestone XProtect Video Surveillance Software. The dual lens, 180 degree and 360 degree cameras are perfectly suited for school hallways, lobbies and door entry systems.

App-Techs - Products

App-Techs manufacturers a line of DVRs and NVRs along with a a portable NVR solution and a variety of software solutions for Milestone XProtect implementations.

  • EasyNVR
    The EasyNVR is the easiest way to provide a reliable and affordable Milestone XProtect Video Surveillance Solution. The EasyNVR line covers every Milestone XProtect version and practically every conceivable configuration. It is a proven system being used in Schools, City-Wide Surveillance applications, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Retail and the Department of Justice.
  • SWIM (an option for the EasyNVR)
    SWIM is a Simple Web Interface for Milestone XProtect systems. This product has been used to integrate card access system to Milestone XProtect systems. It is also used to provide remote users secure & authenticated access to Milestone XProtect cameras through Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
  • HUM (an option for the EasyNVR)
    HUM is a comprehensive health monitoring utility that collects a variety of information from your Milestone XProtect Hardware and presents it in a simple graphical format. The HUM assures you that your Milestone XProtect surveillance system is running optimally and alerts you to any potential problems associated with your hardware or the surveillance network.
  • Easy-Vu (an option for the EasyNVR)
    The Easy-Vu is a simple and affordable application that enables one to view live video from any browser application, including the i-phones and droid phones.
  • i-Vu
    The i-Vu, is a powerful Hybrid style Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that accepts analog and IP cameras. It is available from 8 to 32 channels and offers an abundance of features. It is built with genuine Intel components, enterprise hard drives and App-Techs quality. The i-Vu has proven to be a reliable a very affordable DVR for a variety of industries, including large retail chains, manufacturing, schools and prisons.

App-Techs - Services

App-Techs not only offers all the products you need for a complete surveillance system, we also offer design and turn-key installation services along with remote training, remote troubleshooting and remote configuration services.